Beauty Finds Ways

Beauty finds Ways to be seen In places We might not expect At times when our hearts are open

her heart seeks —

sore hearts seek sorer pleasures plain hearts look for simplicity her heart seeks rhythm and knowledge

Be Amazing

It’s time to Be amazing You know how – It’s deep in your soul Just let all of your colors run

Those Mornings Spent

Those mornings Spent just walking A weave of Woman, dog, and waves Moments kept with the fading years


A journey Matutinal A woman Amorevolous A patration in stibograms

solitary runner

one running solitary, surrounded by heralds of fall, sounds of footsteps, breath, and heartbeat

The Common Weal

Family: The common weal – Tiny one In the bright sunshine Love: our real first line of defense

Morning Clean

Morning clean And bright and clear, Rolling hills That send me weightless; Seeing the hidden in plain sight

In Discovery

Only in Discovery Can we find Our real happiness, Or learn what togetherness means