A Pledge

How far, how deep, how wide indeed
I’d go for those I say I love;
How long the time, how great the speed
I’d brave the undertaking of

And yet, as many fathers do,
I hold my love in some reserve;
For though my heart is here, and true,
It’s so much less than they deserve

‘Twas them who crossed the great divide
To find me in my sorrowed state;
Entombed in bitterness and pride,
Unhappy and disconsolate

So there should be no distance known
I would not cross, despite duress,
To show them how far love has grown
In strength borne out of thankfulness

So for my wife, my precious star,
For children and grandchildren, too:
I pledge to go however far
I need to prove
That I
Love you

= = = = =

Daily Prompt: “Take Me to the Moon” – How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you?

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