… what’s real comes home

Eventually, what’s real comes home. The noise and anger stops; the senseless rage with which we fill our lives gives way to stillness. We guide our days using a compass of unreality, but live to see truth was where we already were, all along. The best gang membership can promise is a gang funeral; one real friend gives a reason for living. Even knowing this, we live for the security of the herd, a herd that gladly feeds us to wolves if we begin straggling. Groups are bigger than individuals, but bigger is not better. In fact, bigger is largely indifferent. Real connections, even tenuous ones, are more precious than group membership. Because groups don’t want you — they want your allegiance, your money, your soul.


Being lost is scary; exploring is exciting. Whether we are doing one, the other, or both at any given time is a matter of perspective.

I gave my cat a violin 
That she could learn to play; 
She turned away in silence, so -  
Perhaps some other day?

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, chances are it still is.

I wish that I was Superman 
So strong and so bright-suited... 
Although it might get tiring 
To always be


Advising people to get over grief is like telling them they should learn to breathe water.

Love me in the morning-time, 
Love me in the evening, 
Love me in the afternoon, 
And when I'm lost and dreaming -- 

Love me like you mean to love 
Ever intensifying; 
And I will love you, too, out past 
Mere things like dying

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Sigh. English.

She gazed upon her beau in the
The wind was winding windily
And wound around her wounds

Moreso, and so much more,
And also, all of it was all so
A surfeit, that sure fit
Where the boards themselves would surf it

And cast abroad words as broadswords,
With cars of tunes as cartoons,
In platoons, and importunes,
And all of it


objects in the mirror

I lost you in the days when we
 were mired in the weekly grind;
 the heart and body set aside
 to cultivate (or use) the mind

I lost you when we realized
 how much was worn and tattered
 from all of the neglectful time 
 misjudging what had mattered

And now, there is no you to find,
 though I might travel far, or near,
 for objects in the mirror are
 far guiltier than they

close enough for vicinal

 in times so adversarial
 few days that come are ferial --
 where we don't recognize some birth,
 or victory, or burial --

 and yet it's all officinal:
 what we will call medicinal,
 and who we'll share it with as being
 close enough for vicinal

 and so it is without regards
 we cut off all the langobards:
 reactionary dogs, or maybe
 jacobins, or montagnards

 with words that soothe, conciliate
 may we our truths circumvallate
 and though it all be so mundane
 may we at last


Ice And Gold

In early voices, and in songs, 
I heard the stories told 
Of romance and of mystery 
In days of ice and gold 

And far my mind and heart would roam 
Past mountain and past sea, 
To find in one small, confined room 
A world, a galaxy -- 

We give our toil, yes, our blood, 
We give up our whole ghost, 
But sometimes it's with word and tale 
That we can give the most 

For love is never black-and-white, 
It can't be bought or sold: 
But falls down like the timeless snow 
In days of ice 

And gold

(Disillusioned) Relationships 101

When you've forgotten how to see what you once loved, all that's left are the faults.

If they break small promises, you are on fair warning as to bigger ones.

Love is generally preferable to hatred, unless you have a Twitter feed.

There are two types of people who will let you down in relationships: (1) those currently living; and (2) everyone else.

For the best intimate relationships, really listening to your partner is a must. Having them actually present is also preferable.

Never act like you know what it is like in someone else's relationship. Unless you are in it, I guess. You know what, never mind.

The secret to keeping your partner happy is to always remember anniversaries and not to mess with the thermostat in their car, but mostly the second one.

Wednesday Leftovers (1)

Many people carry around two certainties: that you cannot know what it is like to be them, but that they know what it is like to be you. The fact that there are rather obvious logical difficulties with this position in no way dissuades people from holding it.

The intensity of our reactions to things changes over time; if we are not careful, we may blame the things, themselves.

When observation tells you that you are a person who loves to argue and fight, you are well served to find constructive outlets for that tendency. Otherwise, you are likely to turn all your relationships into competitions, and that rarely ends well.

At some point in your life, romance and adventure go from “things you dream about doing” to “things you have always enjoyed reading about”.

Simulated living has become an extremely popular pursuit.

We dislike morality tales, but we want everything in life to be one.

Revenge is a dish best… read about.

There is no “i” in team, but you can “at me” with it.

Sorrow is part of life; if we grow up thinking otherwise, the most important part of our education never happened.