People Do Not Know

People do not know the reasons Why they give their lives away To fair strangers in foul seasons With disdain or recherché Love’s exotic forms before us Shape our dreams in dreams of shapes One performs as in a circus While another sits and gapes Written in a codicil is Everything we never say Where … Continue reading "People Do Not Know"


That which stretches in ourselves.

So Elegant

She looked so elegant the night That we went to the prom; Her angry beauty was serene, Her bitter face was calm She was in lovely black, the very Height of teenage fashion; We spent a night of happiness In dancing and in passion So elegant behind the gym, The ancient bricks that framed her; … Continue reading "So Elegant"

Fateful Night

A pizza place. A group of guys And girls from local theater; We went out after our first show, And I had drunk a few – The song playing was “Red Red Wine”. We stood beside the jukebox there; I told her I wrote songs myself, And she could hear them now If she came … Continue reading "Fateful Night"

Stylistic Irrelevance

Now I’ve been told that no one writes in rhyme. I seen it writ, and hear it all the time. ‘That isn’t,’ I’ve been told, ‘real poetry. That’s now the world of abstract imagery.’ Linguistics, I confess, does fascinate: Potentially, to make both inchoate And well-developed words take sudden twists, And turn syntactic rocks to … Continue reading "Stylistic Irrelevance"