12 Perspectives – 3

Fear and hope are sisters, oft confused; The world has changed so fast since yesterday -- She could not have foreseen what she now feels, For first times are like strangers in that way. She wants to run, but also wants to stay: Her expectation rises, and then sinks -- And why is everything so … Continue reading "12 Perspectives – 3"

The Model Life (5)

Come sit beside me, let me see you smile, If you have one inside that you could share; We've been so busy, it has been awhile Since we could be together, and be there The ways we need to do, to show we care. For there's been much to do for you and me In … Continue reading "The Model Life (5)"

Black and Wide

Without, within — from whence comes all the noise? The inner world is sketchy, black and wide: To draw it right, you must have equipoise. The lines need only be as you decide: No other voice can question, or deride — So build the landscapes where you’d love to dwell, And make a temple of … Continue reading "Black and Wide"

Things Beautiful

Why do we make things beautiful, or try? For many, there’s an order they would make, A moment’s kindness for the heart and eye, Those ‘ultimates’ we do for their own sake; The giving with no thought to have, or take. But where the profit lies, some never see, For disconnected men feel artlessly.

On The Heights

Oh, no. There’s no depression anymore. All that despair, it’s really so jejune — I have a lot to do, and I’m content. There’s work enough for even a buffoon To rise before the sun, and tame the moon. Don’t look into my eyes, there’s nothing there; There’s no depression anymore — I swear. Oh, … Continue reading "On The Heights"