Little Girl

Tiny tables, talking: Listening, and looking — Easy-baking brownies, Crafts in making, cooking — Story time, and steady: Shimmering and shiny — Glowing girl, so precious, Flowing time, so tiny

Come Have A Glass

Come have a glass, the day is done, The battle fought, and almost won, And night is calling to the heart Together lives that fall Apart


We look, and what we see can quite Astound us; For our surroundings will, in fact, Surround us. We make our choices, but then don’t Believe it; As though we gain a thing, but don’t Receive it

Chances and Limits

Some days pass without a glance, But look around if you’ve the chance, For time will steal your life away: So live as though you’ve just Today Some days pass, and they are good, Although it’s little understood That much of living’s letting go And knowing that we do not Know

Counting Sheep?

I find it hard to sleep, And weird, when day is done, To fail at counting sheep, Because there’s only one. I really should get more, But this I can’t afford; Because I’m rather poor, Except with being Bored

Winter’s Edge

On winter’s edge We shivered long, But hate though loud Is never strong As what the world Would have us think: On winter’s edge We reached The brink

Built of Laughter

Though one day, there’s an “after”, At least I know for now That love is built of laughter, And we’ll get through, somehow. Though life is rife with sorrow, And platitudes, and noise, It really is in simple things We find our greatest joys.

The Noise

The noise, it closes in; It takes my mind away To where it shouldn’t go, And where it’s bound to stay. I wish it wasn’t so. A life of diff’rent shape — But all this noise is mine to hear And I cannot Escape

Atlantic Shores

Down Atlantic shores She walks and wonders freely, Full of an old dread: That love will not be enough To overcome circumstance