Four Loves

The world returned when you did
And my hope soared –

The fields opened up their arms
And the sky bent down to listen

My heart got far bigger
Than this body was built for

She brought the heat and I
Got singed

But pleasurably

Reflections from a damaged past
But turning to a colored future
The wind blew cool upon our faces
As we wended down to the waterside

You pulled my glasses off my face
To clean them with a cloth, and when
You put them back, you kissed me on
My forehead —
And I remember your flowery smell and
The scent of your sweater as we held
Each other into
The fading autumn

The snow hung heavy yesterday;
Today it’s stays but lightly;
The prospect shines with innocence
And very, very brightly —

I’ve loved you all the winter long.
But like the breath that turns to mist,
You changed for me – yet I’m not sure
That change is likely to

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