finding patterns. – 1

see in the distance past a shadow; 
   hundreds of arms and tentacles 
   stretching across each choice, and passion,  
   forming these chains and manacles of 
   hyperbolic grief. Belief. 

though the thread weaves its way in silence, 
   we, both the weavers and the caught, 
   see how the paths we choose, though random, 
   lead to a destination never sought, nor 

   reckoned on. Now gone. 

it is in knowledge, contemplation 
comes both joy and consternation that 
we have chosen these ideas to bind 
ourselves with, soul and mind and 

  doomed, like Edom. Where is freedom?

One thought on “finding patterns. – 1

  1. Brad Cairns

    I agree wholeheartedly. I often wonder myself how truly free any of us are? There are things I’ve known, and could have done; places I could have visited and explored but have never had the opportunity arise, through whatever set of circumstances, ordinary or otherwise. Perhaps I should start writing again… thanks so much for sharing.

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