Blistered, Calloused

So she would play the game, as well.

Girl In Water

She ripped her heart out with her hands
And threw it on the ground;
Then stomped on it
To show she didn’t care

For men – she’d wanted one – were pigs;
And she would not be hurt.
Without a heart
She thought that she’d be there

Her skin, though soft like velvet crush,
Encased a calloused soul;
The blisters of
A happiness denied

So she would play the game, as well.
She’d never show her cards:
The truth, was now
An object to deride

She’d never chase that lie again.
Her body was her tool:
The one who called
The shots, who she would be —

These days, she rips out other hearts,
And makes it her delight;
And now, she is
Most happy — isn’t she?

from the threshing floor – 2

sitting on the couch together,
picture album, glass of wine,
just outside was stormy weather,
threat to light and power line

moving close, she sudden kissed me,
pictures strewn across the floor,
darkness came in rain and torrent,
rhythmic howling, steady pour

friends who found the reason baseless,
skin to skin and tongue to tongue –
power out the only basis:
that, and we were very young

just another pool remaining
from the storm and lightning strike:
words that never came, restraining,
far apart, but so


The Dating Blogger (A Cautionary Tale)

She wrote often on intimate subjects;
He obsessed often about them.
So, to his mind,
They were perfect for each other.

And she lived in the very same city!
So, he contrived to meet her;
Fascinated with this beautiful woman
Who wrote so passionately about
Enjoying physical relations with men —
Sex without relationships.

So, he did meet her.
She was polite, but, most definitely,
Not interested.
He was confused and angry.
How could this be?

Oh, my poor unfortunate friend:
Just because she enjoys dating men,
Doesn’t mean she wants to be with you;
And “Sex without relationships”
Doesn’t mean “Sex with people
You aren’t attracted to.”

The moral of the story
For heterosexual guys looking for
Sex without relationships
Is as follows.

Attractive jerks:
Welcome to the 21st century!
It is all yours.
But then,
It probably was ever thus.

Unattractive jerks:
Sorry dudes.
Life can really suck.

Of course, you COULD
Look for an actual relationship
With a woman
Not based solely on sex.

There is even a rumor out there
The sex in an actual relationship
Is considerably more satisfying.

But, Now…

“… that burning part of me …”

A man, throughout my life, each day
I find that I want sex:
That burning part of me,
Pressing and gaunt —

But now you’re here, another slant
Is seared into my thoughts;
It isn’t sex, my dear:
It’s you I want

It isn’t blind desire leading,
Negligent of goal:
It isn’t ‘horniness’
That doesn’t care

It’s you and only you I want –
I think I always did:
Before, though, I’d not dreamed yet
You were there

Like A Book

Our laughter turned into a sort of rhythm,
Our rhythm turned into a sort of dance;
As motion filled with music filled with passion,
A double-bed became a vast expanse —

A journey that it took a while to finish,
Two pioneers upon a new-cut trail;
And she was like a book I couldn’t put down,
Except I had to read it all
By braille

three blue candles

three blue candles in a row
where she knew she shouldn’t go
in a room of closed desire
smoke now circles ever higher

lying thoughtlessly has crept
promises have not been kept
but she does not care somehow
in the feeling she has now

for the burning justifies
broken vows and sequent lies
as she bobs her pliant head
three blue candles by the bed


Warning: Something vaguely like adult content.

They both were drunk when they had sex.
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great —
She woke to wonder what came next,
And took a walk to contemplate.

Her temples throbbing, in the mud,
She treads a road that’s headed east;
But takes some solace in the thought
That everything still works
At least