But, Now…

“… that burning part of me …”

A man, throughout my life, each day
I find that I want sex:
That burning part of me,
Pressing and gaunt —

But now you’re here, another slant
Is seared into my thoughts;
It isn’t sex, my dear:
It’s you I want

It isn’t blind desire leading,
Negligent of goal:
It isn’t ‘horniness’
That doesn’t care

It’s you and only you I want –
I think I always did:
Before, though, I’d not dreamed yet
You were there

Like A Book

Our laughter turned into a sort of rhythm,
Our rhythm turned into a sort of dance;
As motion filled with music filled with passion,
A double-bed became a vast expanse —

A journey that it took a while to finish,
Two pioneers upon a new-cut trail;
And she was like a book I couldn’t put down,
Except I had to read it all
By braille

three blue candles

three blue candles in a row
where she knew she shouldn’t go
in a room of closed desire
smoke now circles ever higher

lying thoughtlessly has crept
promises have not been kept
but she does not care somehow
in the feeling she has now

for the burning justifies
broken vows and sequent lies
as she bobs her pliant head
three blue candles by the bed


Warning: Something vaguely like adult content.

They both were drunk when they had sex.
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great —
She woke to wonder what came next,
And took a walk to contemplate.

Her temples throbbing, in the mud,
She treads a road that’s headed east;
But takes some solace in the thought
That everything still works
At least

The Stars Fell Down Like Rain

The ceiling left, the stars fell down like rain,
We bathed in pleasure born of years
And different kinds of pain —
I felt your burning hot,
Your fire stoked;
The stars fell down like rain, and we
Were soaked

What is that we know when we’re set free?
The moments just before: a shadow dream
Of what’s to be —
I do not know a word for that desire:
For though we name so many things,
We do not name a fire

The roof blew off, the stars fell down like rain,
We bathed in pleasure born of fire
In a braided chain —
A license given,
Never then revoked —
The stars fell down like rain, and we
Were soaked


mind shut off from dreary day
music carried her away
carried her across the sea
cushions made of ecstasy

in a dionysian trance
daughter of the vines that dance
intertwining everywhere
truth beyond the simple dare

rhythm soon goes down the hall
mouths aflame against the wall
chocolate swirl and peach parfait
music carried them


the dripping cone

Photo credit : © Fallenangel | Dreamstime.com – Couple And Icecream Photo

they tasted them the dripping cone,

in moments heated and alone –

and pulled back layers of new sense,

desire and concupiscence


the carnal meal when tasted young,

the sweet embrace of tongue on tongue –

the pleasure shared; the moan, the sigh,

the cone that’s licked

until it’s




Photo credit : © Fallenangel | Dreamstime.com – Couple And Icecream Photo