They both were drunk when they had sex.
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great —
She woke to wonder what came next,
And took a walk to contemplate.

Her temples throbbing, in the mud,
She treads a road that’s headed east;
But takes some solace in the thought
That everything still works
At least

Love: An Exploration

“We can and will,” she says to me —
The voyage taken leisurely:
We cover tiny bits of skin
And other sights as taken in,
In shadows of discovered powers —
Hers and mine, but mostly, ours.

“You know I think what might be good?”
I don’t, but soon it’s understood —
There’re wishes found in secret wells,
The whole that lives in someone else,
And feel completely: cell by cell,
How much lies past what words can tell —

We take instruction and we learn,
But then we teach and guide, in turn:
We come alive in agency,
With love our only heraldry:
Then milk the hours to take our fill,
When soft she says, “we can and will”

MIssed Connection

He liked her
And she liked him
But —

She was afraid
Of being used physically
By a man
Who wasn’t really interested in her
She thought:
That’s just what men do

He was afraid
Of being used emotionally
By a woman
Who wasn’t really interested in him
He thought:
That’s just what women do

And they each interpreted the other’s actions
As proving their own theories

Even though they both liked each other

Blistered, Calloused

Girl In Water

She ripped her heart out with her hands
And threw it on the ground;
Then stomped on it
To show she didn’t care

For men – she’d wanted one – were pigs;
And she would not be hurt.
Without a heart
She thought that she’d be there

Her skin, though soft like velvet crush,
Encased a calloused soul;
The blisters of
A happiness denied

So she would play the game, as well.
She’d never show her cards:
The truth, was now
An object to deride

She’d never chase that lie again.
Her body was her tool:
The one who called
The shots, who she would be —

These days, she rips out other hearts,
And makes it her delight;
And now, she is
Most happy — isn’t she?

when love is light and past the door

when love is light and past the door

we live the life that no one sees

when breaths are taken in for time

and focus aims to slowly please


there is so much reality

that’s nowhere on the internet

there’s so much more to human life

than art has ever shown us


Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)

[I had completely forgotten this poem and the event it refers to. At the time, I would not have thought that possible, so hard did it hit me. – Owen]

One night, you gave yourself to me
  the next night you had gone away
I do not understand
I do not understand at all

I still remember how it felt
  to be right next inside of you
I do not understand
I do not understand at all

The wine the bath the touch the kiss
  the hours spent in all of this –
The feel of you the sound of you
  the taste of your intention

One night I do not understand
I still I do not understand
The wine I do not understand
I do not understand