Half-frozen mud, cold bracing air
A wind that makes my neck aware
That leaves torn from the tree will die
These poor gray strays who tumble by

And like the ghostly light I seek
The morn recedes behind the line
Only of chance to risk a peek
At drifting lives
Like yours

And mine


(“Aware” – 11-19-2014)

much the green i broken lay…

much the green i broken lay,
far beyond displeasure –
countertops and cherry-limes,
towers full of treasure —

much the season comes around,
songs and gales of laughter –
much the green i broken lay,
cleaning up
the after

someone who loved you once

the traveled truth in back-to-fronts
like some someone who loved you once
is carved in clay and silica
a limestone twist basilica

your memories, a passing phase
of donut holes, and marble glaze,
and fissures near a mountain cleft,
someone who loved you once
then left

When This Was My Whole Today

Back when this was my whole today
With stickers stuck to socks and jeans
The kids would come from blocks away
To storm the place like field Marines

To slide, to rise, to turn, to spin;
To take our turns – or maybe not –
The whole today we’d gather in
The sky the cold the wet the hot

And it’s not that it rusts away
Or that it seems so very small
But whole today’s so yesterday
It matters hardly much at all

And fifty years from now, who’ll stand
Re-living when they were a boy
And look at signs I was once was there
And recall me
With any

a scaring

the fall lay empty you
and i were sitting in

but you were gone
you’d long been gone
i turned to look and you were gone

the autumn sank into,
beneath, the winds
of hollowness

but i was done
i’d long been done
so many happy things we’d never

a habit of ingratitude
that’s past the point of speech,
a scaring off of what grief is,
a knowledge beyond reach

october and a lonely wind,
a leaf blows by, and knows
that it is dead

i turn again to look for you,
for you will never leave
nor will this ache,

this dread