{ the land }

i live in fear, and this is truthful word: i have seen things unspoken of, unheard -- for will, imposed on will, has been revealed; the land is bruised, its soul reclines, unhealed i live in doubt, and i am full of pain: i have believed through energy, and drain -- for hearts, inside of … Continue reading "{ the land }"

much the green i broken lay…

much the green i broken lay, far beyond displeasure – countertops and cherry-limes, towers full of treasure — much the season comes around, songs and gales of laughter – much the green i broken lay, cleaning up the after

flowers by the lake

mirror of tranquility, bright in hues of celebration: time passes on clouds of music where harmony brings together water and sky — color and light — the inner and outer worlds — springtime of joy in truth: heart racing, scent of nectar, and the audible breathing that’s life itself


Half-frozen mud, cold bracing air A wind that makes my neck aware That leaves torn from the tree will die These poor gray strays who tumble by And like the ghostly light I seek The morn recedes behind the line Only of chance to risk a peek At drifting lives Like yours And mine   … Continue reading "Aware"

out of mind

sometimes, when prompted i go out of mind i'm not in yours, or mine but unconfined i roam across the lake into the sky where lambent moonlight yields a resupply   (“out of mind” – 12-4-2014)

sunset-colored dreams

she was as water endlessly surrounding all that he’d ever thought to entertain; as one who stretches ever for enlightening and self-absorbing, always, just the same – the light came onto, into her in gladness, the dawn became the dwelling place of kings: and every bit of money went as quickly as they could turn … Continue reading "sunset-colored dreams"

The Wind Across the Woods

The wind across the woods is in her ears; The morning’s full of spirits out of place And time, a sort of fence built out of years That makes this darkened world a spectral place. She pulls her jacket tight against the cold, And leans against the wind to help her start. This temporary dwelling’s … Continue reading "The Wind Across the Woods"

Lyrical December

In lyrical December, The wind sweeps down in waves: We walk amidst the houses huddled Up against each other — Just us against the weather. Along the path, the powder stacks In piles and in drifts: Inside, we light the fires of Our hopefulness, and music Swirls around like winter snow. There’s stew upon the … Continue reading "Lyrical December"