Blackwater Storm

power running raging smashing black and silver lightning flashing roiling boiling blank rehashing dashing hope and quelling fire terrifying in its splendor all is smashed within the blender there’s no choice but to surrender drowning in the dark and dire at our best, we’re insects swarming here amid blackwater storming pointlessly some shields reforming upside … Continue reading "Blackwater Storm"

behind | so many veils

behind ┇ so many veils she waits ┇ he knows she does she must she does so many ┇ perfumed rooms through which ┇ beyond the smoke of never was he stretches ┇ xochiquetzal borne ┇ to find among the ashes there a want behind ┇ so many veils ┇ of mad desire and despair

someone who loved you once

the traveled truth in back-to-fronts like some someone who loved you once is carved in clay and silica a limestone twist basilica your memories, a passing phase of donut holes, and marble glaze, and fissures near a mountain cleft, someone who loved you once then left

light breaks

light breaks ever into shifting prismatic hues as yearning visions wander — and so do i

kaleidoscopic palisades

the almost-truth we never reach kaleidoscopic palisades the politics of what we preach that hide our unctuous charades the world of “they” who need to change the doors we close to hide the truth the maps we slyly disarrange devoid of anything like ruth the never-meant we always say kaleidoscopic palisades the mask we wear … Continue reading "kaleidoscopic palisades"

nuclear solitude v2

dreams of the wind in the ice and the snow, carnivals taciturn, wheels that don’t go, echoes that cannot reach kin, friend or foe, these are the dreams i’ve been keeping — nuclear solitude, Chernobyl field, habits of thought and the snow that they yield, faltering canopies, senses all reeled — my sorry self should … Continue reading "nuclear solitude v2"