Paradoxical Extremes

Paradoxical extremes Whirl about me in my dreams, Words unthought and thoughts unsaid, Floating clouds above my bed. Winding roads into the past, Love that’s real and meant to last, Purple skies and distant streams, Paradoxical extremes


I still remember Stephanie, The music of her hands — The lyric autumn reverie, The eyes apart from coterie, That far horizons scanned In Stephanie, the day stood still. The seasons passed beyond her will, And life was brief, but sweet — The short years she was here with us: One up- and one downbeat … Continue reading "Stephanie"

Thrift Village

Pine cleaner and mildew in an endless battle always smelling, Fluorescent lights glaring, steel shelves’ bright abundance of overstock; Wide aisles of sometimes blockage, large displays, Concerns of new managers and old vendors there daily stopping; Living always in bargains for that which others Have passed in affluence; Thrift village then aging into infirmity, death … Continue reading "Thrift Village"

A Gypsy Dream

My friend, the gypsy, shared a dream Of how she’d found a carnival, A type of old tradition where The best of their technology Was brought to bear to try to make A wonderland of lights and sorcery. Where lovers could walk hand-in-hand And feel excitement from the crowd, As she did; with some unknown … Continue reading "A Gypsy Dream"

a scaring

the fall lay empty you and i were sitting in abandonment but you were gone you’d long been gone i turned to look and you were gone away the autumn sank into, beneath, the winds of hollowness but i was done i’d long been done so many happy things we’d never done a habit of … Continue reading "a scaring"

scorpio and tiger

we held our breaths, we held our hands, we held in our abeyance the memory of our wantonness, the means of our conveyance — we lived inside an afterworld, we sang ourselves the seasons; and oh, we strayed a long, long way – but we had reasons. one passionate and secretive, one bold with great … Continue reading "scorpio and tiger"

fulgural laminate wayfaring

drag around ideas until they spring to life in blazing color; surf out on the stars until they yield their incandescent truth -- sell your first desires to get a taste of what forever means; bring your plans and schedules to a place where time's for letting go and know the way, the night, the … Continue reading "fulgural laminate wayfaring"