Meant to Be

Prompt: Where were you last night at midnight?

To find this guy at midnight, you
Just listen for my snore:
I was asleep by ten last night
And up around, oh, four

The same was true on New Year’s Eve;
I am a boring guy;
My wife, she seems to like me
But I really can’t say why

I know why I like her, and that’s
Because she is the best:
For I tried many others,
Many years, and without rest —

But many midnights, I’m asleep
While she is yet astir —
You might think that could never work,
But I do not concur

For people’s hearts go where they will
And hers has gone to me:
So where I was last midnight was
The place
I’m meant
To be

7 thoughts on “Meant to Be

  1. I started reading this to my husband, who–I’m sure–found it eerily familiar, if the parts are reversed …

    Liked by 1 person

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