The Disregarded

For years I turned the faucet on Most days, unthinkingly; From where it was my water came Was no concern to me The silent servant in the sun I passed by, unaware: It’s product, life-sustaining, though I saw not it was there For ugliness and age beset The lonely water tower; I never cast a … Continue reading "The Disregarded"

Lessons for Men #7(a)

So boys: our lesson for today Is knowing what to do When you know she has wants and needs But tells you, “not with you” It hurts. It’s like an open slap. But one you have to take – We can’t birth kids, so we’ve this one Small sacrifice to make And that’s to learn … Continue reading "Lessons for Men #7(a)"

walking dream

the morning shyly moves away in waves of mist and cream; and i move damp with spray and sand into a walking dream the dimly cast horizon sits beyond the veil of sight; where time stands loosely, hands by sides, and day melds into night your breath i hear, your touch i feel, as light … Continue reading "walking dream"


Healthy habits are easy... to think about.

Run The Dunes

The days that we would run the dunes Until the sun sank low; Those timeless, breathless afternoons So free of care and woe The nights beside the ocean as The stars came out to shine; No other spot in mem’ry has A feel so anodyne As just to know, now that your gone, That we … Continue reading "Run The Dunes"

The Sacred Strand

My thoughts are often on the sea, Or where it meets the land; A part of my knight-errantry As o’er the globe I’ve spanned In lavender and purple hues Brave Helios has set; Across, its slanting rays diffuse Into a violet The footsteps of a pilgrim there Upon the holy coast; As sea-songs scatter to … Continue reading "The Sacred Strand"

Why Do You Mourn?

Why do you mourn, my rueful friend, And sit there, bleary-eyed? We’re all alive and moving here — It’s only hope that died — Why do you boil with your tears That fall so straight and true? And why do you long for one who doesn’t Long at all for you?

Where She Got Lost…

Where she got lost, she couldn’t say She only knows, she’s there – A thousand million miles away From almost everywhere Now, those who’ve never been its pawn – Depression hasn’t scarred – Think: rouse yourself, and just move on; It shouldn’t be that hard But like a hood over her head She cannot see … Continue reading "Where She Got Lost…"


Today, I have done nothing right. Some days, that’s how it goes; No great heroics in the fight, No deftly vanquished foes No breakthroughs pulling me up high; Epiphanies I’m short — No lovely memories have I Of humor or of sport — I basically have just been here Existing all day long; Today, I … Continue reading "Inventory"