Lessons for Men #7(a)

So boys: our lesson for today
Is knowing what to do
When you know she has wants and needs
But tells you, “not with you”

It hurts. It’s like an open slap.
But one you have to take –
We can’t birth kids, so we’ve this one
Small sacrifice to make

And that’s to learn to walk away.
You might not think it’s fair:
But women don’t get what they want
All times and everywhere –

Nobody does: That’s how it goes.
We do the best we can;
Just walk away, your head held high
And learn to be
A man

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4 Thoughts to “Lessons for Men #7(a)

  1. Wise words. Never chase a lady down the street if she is truly walking away. It looks like you may have several of these lessons posted, so I will go back and read them.

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