Suspicious of Motive

He said, “Hello. I’ve been wanting to meet you. And maybe we could spend some time — us two?” She said, “Uh-huh. I’ve heard all this before, man. ‘Cause you don’t really know me, now – do you? So many guys go hunting on the weekends. Another trophy – just another deer — Well, dude: … Continue reading "Suspicious of Motive"

Old Poem, Written Age 19

Rachel doesn’t notice me, She likes this other guy. I guess it’s not surprising I can see the reason why: He’s kind of cool and talented. So it cannot be helped: And hell, I like him better Than I think I like Myself

How Tangible

It’s strange how tangible is lack, How much reality Is in the things we wish we knew That never come to be. The touch I’ve wanted long to feel, The taste I’ve never savored: They’re still within my fevered mind, And that has never wavered — It’s strange how very real it is: These things … Continue reading "How Tangible"

That Perfume

I still remember that perfume A teen boy lost but trying to find That moment in the car to reach And her recoil I’d lost my mind   And stars! I hated myself then And mostly since the shame the doom Of seeing myself through her eyes But not forgetting Her   Perfume

Poetry 101

At fourteen years, he wrote his love (as best he could) a letter,   in hopes if she knew how he felt,   that she might love him better. But that’s not how the real world works   for guys who are not fighters,   who learn they’re on the outside in   with all … Continue reading "Poetry 101"

Lessons for Men #7(a)

So boys: our lesson for today Is knowing what to do When you know she has wants and needs But tells you, “not with you” It hurts. It’s like an open slap. But one you have to take – We can’t birth kids, so we’ve this one Small sacrifice to make And that’s to learn … Continue reading "Lessons for Men #7(a)"


So he loves her, but she does not love him...