How To Face

I saw her periodically,
But dreamed about her often;
In fantasies, I’d see her change,
Her yielding face to soften —

But this was all imagining.
She was no way attracted —
And all that I could really do’s
Control the way I acted.

It was a kind of walking shame,
One she had not invited,
But such is how our hearts are built,
To be in this way blighted,

Unfair and asymmetrical:
Attraction and affection —
And boys need one skill badly, that’s
In how to face


Pillars of Rejection (4)

Okay. About the “friendzone”:
First, the terms unfortunate —
For it implies that friends are
Something terrible to get.

But I think I see well enough
What’s being gotten at —
It is about rejection,
Sometimes painful ones, at that.

So now, no matter who you are
It’s tough (you know it’s true!)
When you desire someone who
Does not desire you

And since rejection’s painful
One will say, “well let’s be friends.”
The other thinks, “this hurts too much.
I guess here’s where this ends.”

Don’t tell someone that you don’t want
They’re wrong for wanting you:
And if you are the rejectee
Might want to think this through —

Most important: don’t lash back.
It’s wrong to behave such:
Like you were never told when young
There’s stuff that you can’t touch.

Love’s freely given, or not there.
To deal with, takes some balls:
If you want to control folks, then
Go home
And play
With dolls

Pillars of Rejection (3)

I know how it feels
To be the guy
She wishes wasn’t there

To try to impress
With all you’ve got
But know she will not care

I know how it feels
To be yourself
The real thing – all of it –

And see in her eyes
You’re nothing but
A worthless
Piece of

Pillars of Rejection (2)

Rejecting those who’d have us with
A cold, offhand disdain:
When we’re rejected, grieving from
The keen and searing pain

It’s one of the imbalances
To which we all are prone:
The broken heart’s of others
Just don’t matter
Like our own

The Other Side of It

I was an experiment.

My ‘feeling hurt’ has made you quite defensive,
You’re angry that I fell in love with you;
I had no right, because you never loved me,
I realize all that now. But still, it’s true

That I must grieve a dream that only I had,
And grow hot in the foolishness I feel;
To know that what I came to hope and cherish
Was nothing in your eyes,
And never

True Stories from My Past, Episode 1

So once, in this human terrarium,
A guy asked a woman to marry him;
She promptly said, “No.”
And then turned to go,
While he wished the ocean would bury him


(“True Stories from My Past, Episode 1” – 8-14-2016)