in jealousy

the sky sweeps down in jealousy
to lay her hands on you and me;
reminding us, if we forgot,
that we’ve been seen,
and now
are caught

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6 Thoughts to “in jealousy

  1. What a beautiful image and it goes so poignantly with the poem. The sky in the image is threatening, psychedelic and looks like a huge witch hanging over the landscape. You can’t see the lovers in the image but they are definitely under attack from the sky. If only I had ever had a relationship that was good enough for the sky or anyone else to want to attack. The only boyfriend I’ve had in the last 11 years was an ex-armed robber pimp and drug dealer who’d forgotten how long he’d spent in jail. The relationship ended after he hit me and smashed up the house. I’ve set myself a goal for 2016 to find someone more suitable!

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