Sketches – 93

I used to wonder how ugly guys ended up with beautiful women — now I are one You are not ugly. I would not have married you if you were. Your grammar, on the other hand… Ugliness is more than appearance. Or maybe less, I can never remember Well, that’s just nonsense How about, “Beauty … Continue reading "Sketches – 93"

Sketches – 92

You look excited. Did you just buy something? Why, yes I did And what, praytell, was that? Your birthday present. Really? No. Actually, not at all Well, then Just boring supplies related to work. Excited because it is possibly a tax writeoff I’m not falling for it again. If you don’t want to tell me, … Continue reading "Sketches – 92"

Sketches – 91

I got new glasses. What do you think? I like them. Do they make me look smarter? You’re already the smartest person I know. They make you look sexier, if anything. Really? Oh, that’s right, you have the librarian/Batgirl thing. That’s probably both fair and true. What is your ‘thing’? Thing? I always had a … Continue reading "Sketches – 91"

Sketches – 90

You joining the selfie generation? Reference photos for a painting. You are painting the most Objectively beautiful woman ever? Nice. Still got the words, I see. No, it’s a historical work about The impact gangs have had over The last century. Impact on… ? Women. Children. Families. Society. I’m thinking a four painting series. I’ve … Continue reading "Sketches – 90"

Sketches – 89

You don’t look happy I’m not What’s going on? I keep trying to pretend that I’m still thirty, but it’s not working Why would you want to do that? You are pretty much perfect as you are Yeah, well, you would think that. Does the thought ever occur to you that maybe your best days … Continue reading "Sketches – 89"

Sketches – 88

Have you seen my jacket? It’s gotten cold out there Yes, December has that feature My, aren’t you in a sunny mood? I just can’t believe this year is almost over. And that we have to go shopping It’ll be fun! Doing anything with you is fun. But crowds, not so much Yeah, well. You … Continue reading "Sketches – 88"

Sketches – 87

Oy. I finished "Adam Bede" Wasn't it amazing? It was, but... wow. That story was sad on Any number of levels. I think the author Referred to it as 'realism' I can see that. It was beautiful, though. I'm surprised that book Isn't more famous than it is I don't think most Modern tastes care … Continue reading "Sketches – 87"

Sketches – 86

You sound like you've been having A good time in here I just got off the phone With my sister and the kids. She is insane, And the kids are just like her Yeah, she is. But she's a sweetheart. Are the kids doing Virtual school? No, they are actually Physically at school. Although there … Continue reading "Sketches – 86"

Sketches – 85

Is that 'Adam Bede'? That's one of my favorite books! Yes, I know. That's where the idea of reading it came from. It's a library copy I remember the first time I read it. I was in college. I absolutely loved that book. Still do. How far along are you? Oh, halfway. I've been reading … Continue reading "Sketches – 85"