Sketches – 94

Hey there, love. How’s your day going?

Oh. Terribly busy. I’m lying on the floor with a pillow watching a cheesy Hallmark movie on my laptop. How’s your day in Corporate America going?

It’s like opening a series of doors, but none of them have what you want behind them.

So, it’s like “Mystery Date”?

I’m surprised you’ve heard of that game.

My older cousin had a copy. We use to play all the time.

How did you do?

Not great. I always ended up with “Poindexter”.

I’ve got news for you sweetheart — you did in real life, too. So what’s the movie you are watching about? Does Hallmark do movies that aren’t about Christmas?

Oh, yes — and I’m not quite sure what it is about just yet. The heroine is very plucky, though.

So she’s full of pluck?

Tons of it. I feel pluckier just watching her.

Am I ready for that? When I get home, will you, against all odds, have become CEO?

Probably. Which won’t really require pluck, since I’m self-employed.

Would you like to go on an actual “Mystery Date” tomorrow? Like, where I surprise you with where we are going?

Ooh, that sounds like fun. Women like it when men make an effort.

I know, that’s why I try to do it every few years.

Just don’t show up dressed like Poindexter.

No, this is going to be a dressy thing. I’m going to have on a coat and tie.

Anything else?

Yes, I’ll be wearing pants and shoes and a belt

LOL, no. I mean, “Is there anything else I should know so I’m dressed properly?”

It will involve eating dinner out, and then, possibly, something physical like dancing.

Dang, boy, does me talking about Hallmark movies always make you go all romantic?

Well, it will be our anniversary.

Wait, it… what?!

Yep. Apparently, I remembered, and you forgot.

Maybe I’m the Poindexter in this relationship. What would be the female version of that name?


No, that doesn’t work. How about “Quincelle”?

You sound like a Batman villain. “Trillian”?

That’ll work. It will be Trillian and Poindexter’s first official date.

So we are going as characters?

Don’t we always?

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