The Windmill On the Plain

“I wish I’d made more difference,”
She told me, plaintively;
“You have,” I said, “most certainly.
At least you have with me.”

It’s like the windmill on the plain,
Who turns for lonely hours,
But never sees the end result
Of all its transferred


Sketches – 38

Remember that time we stayed
Out on that lodge near the beach
And it was so cold?

I will never forget that

I found this hat in
The back of the closet.
You probably don’t remember
I was wearing it when–

I most certainly do remember

What else was I wearing?

A pink sweater,
Much like the one you are wearing now.
And those furry brown snowboots
You used to have.
Even though we’d been inside awhile
You were still dressed for snow.

You do remember.
I’m impressed.
What we were doing
Right before we–

You were reading a book
By Robert McCammon —
“Wolf’s Hour”, I think,
I had gotten it for you
For Christmas…

… and …?

I was playing a game on
An old GameBoy SP, I believe, and
You were drinking coffee out
Of a big mug, and…

What song came on the radio?

“My Girl” by the Temptations.

I told you I loved to dance to that song

So we danced… and stuff.

You were very romantic in those days.

Do you miss being younger?

Nah, you can only be younger for so long,
Then it gets old.

Your logic is unassailable

We should dance… and stuff more often.

You’ve already got the hat on.
That’s all I was waiting for.

Somebody Else

You seem troubled
Recently. Like
Stuff’s on your mind.

Do you ever wish
That you were with
Somebody else?

No, but sometimes
I wish I was
Somebody else.

Why? What is wrong
With the person
You really are?

I find her a

And what was she
Supposed to be
That you are not?

Part Beyoncé
And part Einstein.
You know, like that.

I don’t think that
The hair would have
Matched the body.

Very funny.
No. Smarter and
More beautiful.

But I truly
Love the woman
You really are.

Well. I guess
That I must have
Higher standards…

… If so, I’m glad
You didn’t use
Them choosing me.

A Donut Shop Encounter

[overheard in line]

… so… you like the Butternut?

Yes, they’re very good.

Then I’ll take one of those, too.

Anything else, sir?

Yes. Your employee discount.

[Laughs] Sure. Why not. Anything else?

Yes. Your number.

Umm… I have a boyfriend.

Really? Ever given HIM your employee discount?

Nice one. That’ll be four seventy-three.

[Turning to me] Can I help you?

I think I’ll try the Butternut as well. You handled that really well, by the way.

Yeah, well… his wife is waiting for him out in the car, I figured she’d appreciate it.

Or wouldn’t, as the case may be.


the strongest

daddy, I can’t
go back in there

you don’t have to go

i’m not
i’m not as strong
as the other girls

oh, my child,
there is a lot more to strength
than just muscle

what do you mean?

the strongest people i know
don’t have the biggest arms –
they keep going when things are hard,
they try,
even when trying seems silly,
and they have the strength it takes
to lift other people up
when they don’t want to try either —
you are strong,
my child,
very strong

i still can’t lift very heavy things
or carry heavy ones for long

well, remember,
wherever you go,
you are carrying my heart with you

i guess i’ll go back in there

you’ve got this

Sketches – 37

How young was I in that picture?

It was few years ago

A few? Like, fifteen?

Six, actually

I bet you wish you
Were still married to her

I am still married to her

Why do you have these
Old photos out?

I want to get all of my
Favorites and have them
Transfered to digital

And this one is a favorite?

Yeah, look how happy you look

So I’m not happy now?

You tell me

I’m not unhappy, I’m
Just tired, mostly

There’s a lot of that
Going around

Societal mononucleosis

Yes, except
Without the kissing

I forgot I used to wear
Nail polish that dark

Do you remember
What you were listening to?

No. I’m not even sure
Where that was taken

Near a coffee shop,
I think

You can never be too near
A coffee shop

I’m sorry, by the way

Sorry for what?

That I don’t do more,
Knowing how tired you are

You have had a lot going on
I know

Yeah, well
We are supposed to be a team

Aren’t we?

I’m just not always the greatest teammate

Well, if you wanted to help with the tiredness
You could run out and get me some coffee

If it will produce that smile
You’re on