Sketches – 87

Oy. I finished "Adam Bede" Wasn't it amazing? It was, but... wow. That story was sad on Any number of levels. I think the author Referred to it as 'realism' I can see that. It was beautiful, though. I'm surprised that book Isn't more famous than it is I don't think most Modern tastes care … Continue reading "Sketches – 87"

Sketches – 86

You sound like you've been having A good time in here I just got off the phone With my sister and the kids. She is insane, And the kids are just like her Yeah, she is. But she's a sweetheart. Are the kids doing Virtual school? No, they are actually Physically at school. Although there … Continue reading "Sketches – 86"

Sketches – 85

Is that 'Adam Bede'? That's one of my favorite books! Yes, I know. That's where the idea of reading it came from. It's a library copy I remember the first time I read it. I was in college. I absolutely loved that book. Still do. How far along are you? Oh, halfway. I've been reading … Continue reading "Sketches – 85"

Sketches – 84

You are just... beautiful. Do I tell you that? Sometimes Well I think it all the time. Whatcha up to? Right now, I am reading about... fennel I have no idea what that is It's a vegetable used in cooking Okay. And why are you reading about it? I had some a few months ago, … Continue reading "Sketches – 84"

Sketches – 83

Here is your coffee. Do you use all these colors? No, I just smash them around To express my frustration. Oh, good, this coffee is perfect. Thank you I’m going to go out for a drive, If it’s okay with you Sure. I’ll be here, swearing at this canvas. Don’t you usually watch football On … Continue reading "Sketches – 83"

Sketches – 82

How is it going? Ugh. I hate painting What are you working on? An ulcer, right now I don’t get how the process works It isn’t… working I mean, how you transfer what you see In your head to the canvas If I could do that, I wouldn’t be frustrated Does anything help? Could I … Continue reading "Sketches – 82"

Sketches – 81

You look happy I am happy Although I am not quite sure why I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but… There is a lot of misery in the world. It is unseemly to be happy. Or so the thinking goes And yet, I am unmoved. Still happy Well, okay. I see there is … Continue reading "Sketches – 81"

Sketches – 80

{Looking up from a book she’s picked up off the shelf} So… how much longer? We should be out of the condo And back here in six weeks Wasn’t it originally supposed to be — Eight weeks, yes. That was in March. Then Covid I’ve missed this place Yeah, it’s been weird. It’s just been … Continue reading "Sketches – 80"

Sketches – 79

I turned out to be a beautiful day It finally feels like Fall! About time Yeah, the Summer, like most of 2020, Has kinda outstayed its welcome No lie… I just got a text. Hmmm. Did you know there was going to be A presidential election this year? Seems like I’d heard Something about it, … Continue reading "Sketches – 79"