One Day Soon

One day soon, you’ll see the sun, And it will not be leaving; One day soon, you’ll find some time For something else than grieving. One day soon, a fondest hope Will be within achieving — Yes, one day soon, you’ll find it, love, If you can keep Believing


Some people say that where they are Is where they’re meant to be; For years, I never understood – Those comments puzzled me Sometimes, you’re down and desperate, As I was, long ago: I saw no reason at the time Why it needs must be so For almost thirty years ago I tried to end … Continue reading "Nightscape"

let not hope disappear

let not hope disappear though chill be in the air: the winter may be here, but the garden is still there
They heard the music playing,   so followed them the tune: The mystic ocean symphony   a soothing bit of harmony     communing with their souls —     they needed to commune. And though poor in materials,   they found a way to go: For truly rich, and truly deep   are memories … Continue reading ""


We call things ‘mixed’ as though   they don’t belong together;   this is strange. All that is   belongs together, for   here we are,   together. Or maybe… We call them ‘mixed’ because   they come from different places, but   everything is from   a different place from everything else —   … Continue reading "Mixed"

Flowers Named Elizabeth

For holidays, and hidden ways, For shorter goes and longer stays, For time reflecting only breath, For flowers named Elizabeth, For every moment felt in joy, Adventure spent, and girl-meets-boy, With gratitude we lift and know How good things are, when they Are so

{ Swim the Galaxy }

Tell me who I am, and I’ll tell you About the kind of world you long to see: A wonderland beyond expectancy, Where what is good, and beautiful, and true     Can find a home, or sit beneath the stars     Like fireflies turned loose at last from jars. Tell me what you’ve … Continue reading "{ Swim the Galaxy }"

Joy and Discovery

Every weekend that I can, I go out for many-hours-long random drives in the countryside surrounding the city we live in. I do it just to see what I can discover. I love going down roads I’ve never been on, seeing towns or fields I’ve never seen. It’s pure joy for me. Looking back on … Continue reading "Joy and Discovery"