Keep Going

It’s 3 a.m., your eyes are white
Keep going, just keep going
Another day without a night
Keep going, just keep going

Tumultuous your dreams were tossed,
Where much is given, much is lost,
And money never covers cost
Keep going, just keep going

I look, and see her sleeping there
Get going now, get going
I stop and sit to stroke her hair
Get going now, get going

As early comes another day.
She sighs, and then she turns away,
I think, and hope, she’ll be okay
Get going now, get going

We do not know what is to come
Keep going, just keep going
And where and what will heal the numb
Keep going, just keep going

But life is this: one dare, one chance,
One spotlight on a single dance,
And one way we must all advance,
Though when, there is no knowing –

Keep going, then.
Keep going, just



Smear the Stars

Across your canvas, smear the stars

And paint the world you dream to paint;

The world’s unleashed its ugliness:

But you – you have escaped the taint


Like Pegasus, you’re born to fly,

Though be it just on handlebars –

So paint, with all your tears and hands,

And take your rightful place

Among the stars


Photo / picture credit : © Nastyaglazneva | – Child’s picture of flying horse

someday, when the sun goes down…

someday, when the sun goes down
upon the last of your regrets,
you'll find that life is slightly kind
at last at least in little bits

and then, you'll find it true to say
that your life was a real success
because you'll have the peace of mind
that comes when you have done

your best

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

– John Wooden

Now, we must face together this unknown.
The moments have led us here,
  the roads we’ve traveled —
We, each from a different background,
  house, and world;
Led to a cord we would not see unraveled —

But this is our task, our battle, only us:
To enter the fray with purpose – once, twice, thrice –
And never to stop the fight until we win,
And given a reason to the sacrifice

That those who suffered from this wrong have made.
For tall in our memory such trees have grown
As place us today within a holy shade.
Now, we must face together this unknown.

if minds could touch…

if minds could touch,
you’d know that i was near you,
if hearts could sing
you’d hear me everywhere,

if eyes could see
when all around is empty,
the dark’ning day
would never seem so bare —

i’d kiss your wearied thoughts,
and rouse your courage,
i’d stroke the edges,
worn and frayed too much,

of all your fading hopes;
a loving blanket
i’d be for you, today,
if minds

could touch

Perceive, remember, and descry…

Perceive, remember, and descry
The truth among the many weeds
That hide away from softer eye
To where the heart’s true river leads –
For love’s a day,
A year, a land,
And hope is ever
Near at hand.

Observer, discover, and inspect
The reasons why the night still aches:
And in the quiet times, reflect,
That love may bend, but never breaks –
For where we be
The echoes fall,
And hope is ever
Standing with
Us all