if minds could touch…

if minds could touch,
you’d know that i was near you,
if hearts could sing
you’d hear me everywhere,

if eyes could see
when all around is empty,
the dark’ning day
would never seem so bare —

i’d kiss your wearied thoughts,
and rouse your courage,
i’d stroke the edges,
worn and frayed too much,

of all your fading hopes;
a loving blanket
i’d be for you, today,
if minds

could touch

Perceive, remember, and descry…

Perceive, remember, and descry
The truth among the many weeds
That hide away from softer eye
To where the heart’s true river leads –
For love’s a day,
A year, a land,
And hope is ever
Near at hand.

Observer, discover, and inspect
The reasons why the night still aches:
And in the quiet times, reflect,
That love may bend, but never breaks –
For where we be
The echoes fall,
And hope is ever
Standing with
Us all

I Fought Against The World Last Night

I fought against the world last night,
It didn’t go that well.
But for a little while, man,
I really gave ’em hell –

Yet when the fight was over, world
Was standing, strong as stone —
And I was staring at the mat,
Then limping out alone.

There is so much that happens to us
Not of our own choosing;
We fight sometimes, and know we’ll lose,
But keep on. past our losing —

I heard the crowd in padded seats
Who jeered at my last fall:
I know my name and bloodied face
Fell out of their recall –

I fought against the world last night,
It’s hard when you go through it:
But there are things that must be done,
And someone has to do it –

For there can be a better world:
There’s wrong that still needs righting —
And we can yet win out, at last –
As long as we
Keep fighting


(“I Fought Against The World Last Night” – 2-15-2017)


Some people say that where they are
Is where they’re meant to be;
For years, I never understood –
Those comments puzzled me

Sometimes, you’re down and desperate,
As I was, long ago:
I saw no reason at the time
Why it needs must be so

For almost thirty years ago
I tried to end my life;
I never would have known my kids
My grandchildren, my wife –

I never would have typed these words
That you are reading now;
I would have been a nobody,
A nothing. A no how —

I couldn’t find a reason,
Couldn’t generate a spark
To see me through the nightscape;
Through the hopeless, whirling dark

But somehow, day led on to day;
And I regained my voice.
Then I decided living
Was my only living choice

I do not know where you might be,
How your life’s filled with pain;
I do not know the grief you’ve felt,
And that, I will not feign —

But this I tell you, reading friend:
There is, most times, a light:
So you can climb the hill ahead,
And fear
No more
The night


(“Nightscape” – 7-1-2015)