7 thoughts on “Dances with Angela

  1. Why does anyone believe another person can ever really know one’s own truth? They MIGHT help one see it for themselves, but the seeing has to come from within. Perhaps we depend on therapists too much.


    1. Angela is good. She’s annoyingly good, in fact. I started going to her to work on one specific issue I’m struggling with, having last had a therapist 19 years ago.

      I asked for her help. Now I’m getting it. I just don’t always like it.

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      1. ouch, i don’t think my internet connection worked correctly. What i was trying to send was that I found reading the Bhagavad Gita thoughtfully very illuminating. Our own truth does not always align well with what we must do. Life is difficult and strange that way. And I guess a good therapist might help one see that.

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