The bits of ugliness that dot our ways
Sometimes connect us to the ones we love;
Through each new clime and season, every phase,
They’re there nearby: around, along, above —

Unsightliness is something we accept
To know we’ll be connected, in the end,
For love’s the thing. The rest is simply kept
Because it joins us to our kin, or friend.

And soon, we do not even see the poles
Or lines that crisscross everyplace we go;
But hold connections to our very souls
The voices of the ones we love, and know —

  But though all this connecting is ad rem,
  It can’t bring them to us, or us to them.

A Case of Non-Assent

“Assent is just another ass assuaged.”
He ran away reactively; she raged
At what a wicked war that man had waged,
But she no longer would be kept or caged.

For he’s a fool to think that he would find
Some special spot of welcome in her mind,
Inviolate is how she is. In vain
Will he approach her castle walls again.

More bellicose he grew, within this bar,
To try to shame her, and regain control,
But she has come too far, too fucking far
To lose that to some man without a soul.

In vino veritas. It’s understood:
He’s shown his real face, and it’s no damned good

You Take Peace Where You Find It

“You take peace where you find it,” you would say.
So much comes back to me of that one day —
Our little girl, worn out from hours of play,
Had made a pillow from a bit of tree;
The dirty beach was bare, except us three,
And life was all that any life could be.

“A storm is coming on,” I said, for gray
And threatening clouds were heading in our way.
The soon-heard thunder didn’t fears allay,
So I picked up our daughter, carefully,
And walked back to our car, there, by the sea,
As she slept on, relaxed, and worry-free.

You take peace where you find it. – That is true:
But I lost peace, and her, when I lost