down a strangled path

she remembers
how he loved her heart:
   and in acceptance, shelter;
      and within shelter, love.

but now,
a choked-off loneliness besets her:
   and it's nobody's fault
      that they aren't him
he wanders here in desolation,
wondering at how things are;
finding it small consolation
that he's made it here, this far

gray and silent, overboding,
full of sorrow, grace, and wrath;
questions born to find no answers
slogging down a strangled path

Block Editor, Verse Mode

This will take some getting used to.
Nothing looks the way it should;
I guess change is worth embracing,
Or it should be, when it's good --

Everything's in this weird font, now,
With this vaguely shaded fill --
This will take some getting used to,
And perhaps, I

Never will

Sketches – 86

You sound like you've been having
A good time in here

I just got off the phone
With my sister and the kids.
She is insane,
And the kids are just like her

Yeah, she is. 
But she's a sweetheart.
Are the kids doing
Virtual school?

No, they are actually
Physically at school.
Although there are protocols.
It's been good for them.

What were you all
Laughing about?

She's telling me a story
About how willful Ellie is.
Eight years old,
Going on eighteen

I love Ellie

Oh, and she loves you.
Particularly since 
Her father's not around much,

I don't really understand
Little girls.
Or big ones

Well, at least you're honest
Anyway, her description of all
Of the dramatics Ellie pulls
Sound a lot like how we were
As girls.
At least, with mom


Hands on hips.
Arms crossed.
Flouncing off

You guys flounced?

Oh, we were specialists.
I did the 200 meter
Freestyle flounce in high school.

And your sister?

Eh, she could flounce too.
Nose so high in the air
It left prints on the ceiling

I didn't realize
It was such an art form

Being overly-dramatic
Isn't a skill just anyone can master.
It takes strength of will,
And more concentration on form
Than you might think

I didn't really do drama,
Or melodrama.
I bypassed all that, and
Went straight to hysterics

You stayed there
For some years,
Didn't you?

Why yes I did

You should Facetime the kids some time


Just Facetime Meredith.
She'll put you on with the kids.
They could use a few laughs.
They are too young to laugh at flouncing

And my humor is perfect for children
Five and eight?

Well, isn't it?

Yeah it is