4 Shades of Blue – 3

she streams down from the mountains like 
the sun across a frozen field 
made up of would and should have beens; 
but what the coming spring will yield 

is now a matter left to time. 
of rain and soil she's had much, 
the light is all of hers to bring: 
to join earth, water, sky at once 

in touch

4 Shades of Blue – 2

connecting threads all break away, 
the children that we used to be 
we will let go of, even if 
that isn't our proclivity -- 

for what and who we are becomes 
our breathing thought, before and late -- 
that line of trees, our destiny; 
our character, so called, 

our fate

4 Shades of Blue – 1

There's joy, and there's grief -- 
Like contrast in the winter light and cold, 
Like living waters underneath the ice, 
The way the breath comes cold, but goes out warm. 
The way, now, this December 
Chooses to encircle all I sense and feel, 
Holding me in place, tethering me to 
An open space, where loss cannot be shelved,  
Nor its full value minimized. 
We breathe because the breath is us, 
We sing because music is life, and life, music; 
But every tune that moves us to dance 
Has its place for tears, as well -- 
A different sort of living waters we keep 
Beneath ice


surrender to the stillness; be at peace. 
the fire sits contained, yet spreads its warmth, 
and you, without much striving, still can be 
the light and heat that's needed in this place. 

give in to all you do not need to do: 
find comfort and assurance in such rest 
as can take in the moment as it is: 
you need only this stretch of time and space.