interconnected (iv)

but there was another him, a better him (can you see the humanity?) quiet in the fields and wondering gentle and full of thought (but ours is the habit of reducing) some-once in the fields the one who was still walks in silence (we need not so much love as respect)

interconnected (iii)

with his bike by a train and a case in his hand, in his best Sunday clothes, and with his whole life planned, he set out to discover the life he'd been sold: that the world, now, was his, and his pathway, of gold. and the years traveled on, and his youth turned to age; … Continue reading "interconnected (iii)"

interconnected (ii)

the dream, at thirteen, seemed strange in allure: she could find a bright way in a place so unsure, like the magic of books that went on in her head from the peace of the dark and the warm of her bed, she would one day find something she knew was her own, where she'd … Continue reading "interconnected (ii)"

interconnected (i)

she was a middle-class girl in an upper-class world; and the doors opened free & easy -- by the sea of her youth, with an unknown truth, and a way that was light & breezy -- but the longer she stayed, all the shine turned to fade, and the nights traveled thick without pauses, thinking … Continue reading "interconnected (i)"


WE dwell, these days, in emptiness; We sail along on fear, Our habits formed by malintent, With pretense our career -- But somewhere, hidden from the night, The truth is known, and pure: That we were better off unknowing Things, than being Sure

Fantasy and Unreality

she longs to be, well, somewhere else, you long to be with her; there is the world we don't accept, and that which we prefer -- you're fake, you know, and all-day-through, you feign your fealty: the harmless fantasy becomes pale unreality, and this is how the game is played: you melt into pretend until … Continue reading "Fantasy and Unreality"

now and why

now and why we search for great things not finding the package we sought but others wrapped in gray silence

Hic Jacet

WHERE the mist and the wonder awaits you, Where the silence keeps in the cool, There's a love that is yours for the having At the crest of a glittering jewel Where the earth and the sky join together, Where the heart and the mind are as one, There's a time and a place of … Continue reading "Hic Jacet"

a sacred alliance

He was alone in the twilight, She was alone in a crowd, And they both paid with traveler's worry As much as was allowed, When the time came for resonant sorrow: There were souls and mouths to be fed -- As there eyes fixed fast to the worry, And the sky showed flame And dread