all of us get taken

out of context,

all of us get taken

for a ride,

each of us is taken

for some other,

none of us is known

for what’s inside.

malefactors know

they’ll have their season,

benefactors know

they’ll get their say,

many factors make up

our appearing,

none of which mean 



7 Essences – 7

She a dancer long ago
I still see her as she was
Paths crossed for a little while
But diverged at last because

She’d a different journey mapped
I had places yet to see
And no use in holding on
To what wasn’t meant to be

Dating is a thousand pains
Taken on to try to find
Someone who returns the look
Who can love us soul and mind

I can still recall her grace
And her almost silent voice
And be happy actually
That I wasn’t her



7 Essences – 6

At night, asleep, I see her in a garden:
Her dancer’s stately walk, and pensive mien,
And feeling as though I should beg her pardon,
For holding on to something she’d cut clean.

But she – she cannot see, nor can she hear me:
This is a dream, but still she’s out of reach,
And I, a fool, a mere thing of convenience,
Can’t move her anymore by act, or speech —

And even in my dreams, I find no comfort,
Just watching her in gardens of regret,
And knowing in the morning, I’ll still love her,
While she my name and face will soon forget.

    And I recall friends telling me, “let go.”
    But still, so many nights of this dumb show

7 Essences – 5

One of the strange insistences of some women is that they will tell you whether or not you love them.

I thought I did; she said I didn’t, but we were still dating, which was confusing.

We took a long trip together late in the winter so she could take pictures, and had a great time.

Six weeks later, we broke up, because she’d met someone else: someone she loved, and whose love in return she therefore recognized.

Time felt like a very artificial type of border; yet, the difference between “before” and “after” was absolute.

I remembered her being happy with me, but apparently, it was an illusory and second-rate sort of happiness.

I didn’t take the break up all that well, looking back on it; even though she had never misled me, or been in any way dishonest.

Losing – in every sense of that word – just hurts.

7 Essences – 4

Came the winter, shakily,
Visiting her parents

Didn’t think too much of me,
Or my wan appearance

She was gold, and apple tea,
I was blue and soda,

She was preludes in the dark
I a turgid coda

Looking up at lookers down,
They so far above me

They knew what I didn’t know,
That she didn’t

Love me

7 Essences – 3

Another party, this time
At her cousin’s:
In her environment,
She really shines

About three dozen names
I won’t remember
Five seconds after
Leaving those confines.

But she was happy,
Glowing like a rocket,
We ate and drank and danced
And then we fled

Into a place
We hadn’t gone before then,
But that I’d thought of, often,
In my head.

I thought because
She barely spoke in whispers,
That she was cold, or
Maybe ossified:

But learned that shyness
Isn’t lack of passion,
It’s more a wall
To keep it all


7 Essences – 2

The evening comes,
And each must study long,
A walk of holding hands
And bearing hearts

Into the campus library
One off to math,
The other to the arts.

What is it, why
Is everything much better
And so much worse
When we are not alone?

Why is it love can feel
So like a fetter,
And yet be freedom
Like no other known?

At closing time,
She looks up from her reading,
And I’m in love again,
At least, I think,

And soon, we’re walking,
Silent, to her dorm room,
Still there, together, but yet

Of sync