The Hanover

This place was very different once. The brightly lit playbill -- They fell at an early winter show The day the earth stood still They promised, soon, to always love, A thing they did past dying; And when she went long after him, We stood here, one day, crying How much that crumbles once was … Continue reading "The Hanover"


wherever they were was just the place, whenever they wanted was the time; it's scandalous, the things they did, but none were quite a crime -- and promises were thrown aside, commitments made and broken: but when the dark heat fills you up its better done than spoken

Sketches – 90

You joining the selfie generation? Reference photos for a painting. You are painting the most Objectively beautiful woman ever? Nice. Still got the words, I see. No, it’s a historical work about The impact gangs have had over The last century. Impact on… ? Women. Children. Families. Society. I’m thinking a four painting series. I’ve … Continue reading "Sketches – 90"

that one diner

this faded matchbook full of hopes and long-lost cares from that one diner where we sat believing we could really reach each other


“Are you timewise,” she would say In her almost laughing way, Toiling over recipes, Rarely, ever at her ease — But while I was still at Start, She produced these works of art, Timewise, she was wise indeed To both soul and body Feed


Sometimes, you’ve just got to go As far away as you know how: You’ve got to see what you’ve never And be seen through new eyes, because Sometimes, you’ve just got to go When you need to fall in love with yourself It’s because, you need to have love first To give it away; You … Continue reading "Sometimes…"

archetypal meridians

the many ways we find to lose our time our energy our zeal are better known as just the traits we need to maybe heal we twist within the stilling wind we ride to move our conscience we text to no one's memory a pointless correspondence the up and down within ourselves so usual so … Continue reading "archetypal meridians"

My Cat Is A Window

My cat is a window through which I see The world, my world as I want it to be: A place to silently observe Until I’m ready to move — The cold and the wind through reflected eyes Can seem, and do seem such a paradise: To live and to love without having to serve … Continue reading "My Cat Is A Window"