I look around and realize
I do not even know the trees
That stand beside me every day,
That shade my walk, and point the way
Towards the changing skies —
I do not know the trees.

And yet I speak with confidence:
I seem assured and quite at ease,
Untying other people’s knots,
And feeling like I know their thoughts
Without much diffidence —
So cool and at my ease.

But now, beside this mossy tree
Whose species is unknown to me,
I think of all that I hear said
I miss, because, inside my head
I’m writing out what I’ll say next
To entertain the crowd —

And how embarrassed I would be
If people heard the thoughts in me
That don’t get said out loud.

I do not know or understand
Why confidence, that playful tease,
Insists on bursting out, when I
Have really got no alibi:
It isn’t staged, or planned —
That real but fun


The Heart Goes Missing

A quibble with a common metaphor…

When all the towers you could build
Come tumbling to the ground,
When all the music you have loved
Becomes just so much sound

When all that you held precious is
Dismissed for someone new,
The heart goes missing for a time
There’s nothing you can do

Instead of heartbeats, there’s an aching
Constantly, inside;
In lieu of courage, emptiness,
Where once there was some pride

They say the heart is broken, but
There’s madness in its place:
I’d say the heart goes missing;
Filling up
The space

maybe dreams of emerald water

just maybe.

maybe dreams of emerald water
will afford me peace and rest;
maybe hope’s fair ocean daughter
will my willingness attest

that i hope is several fathoms
fathoming my heart’s desire;
emerald waves united anthem
to retire or

Perceive, remember, and descry…

Perceive, remember, and descry
The truth among the many weeds
That hide away from softer eye
To where the heart’s true river leads –
For love’s a day,
A year, a land,
And hope is ever
Near at hand.

Observer, discover, and inspect
The reasons why the night still aches:
And in the quiet times, reflect,
That love may bend, but never breaks –
For where we be
The echoes fall,
And hope is ever
Standing with
Us all