Near Miss

Years ago
I knew this girl
With a beautiful face and
A beautiful heart

And I didn’t fall in love with her
Nor did I date her

Just in case readers of this blog
Might have started to think
That never happened to me

As a matter of fact, she is now around 50
Like I am
And she’s still beautiful
And we’re still friends

Truthfully, I am still friends with
Virtually all of my
Even my ex-wife

Possibly because
None of them know about this blog

I would hope, however, they would approve
Of the models I choose to represent them
In the stock photos I use on these pieces

Anyway, this girl
Looked like the model in the picture above
And she was always cold
Even during Florida summers

And last year, online
As we exchanged pleasantries
She told me that
She had a cat years ago
That she named after me

Because he was so bizarre

And I kind of liked that


I’ve used so many words so wrong,
I finally up and said, “So long!
To writing prose, and making sense.”
Agreeing neither verb nor tense
I throw down any word I see,
And call the whole thing poetry.

Now, more than one’s upbraided me
For arcane terminology;
These words that seem a bit obscure –
Tabescent, or with scant allure.
Perhaps, the whole thing is a ruse:
It’s poetry!
That’s my excuse.

(In poetry, any words used incorrectly, even when accidental, are deliberate. – Owen)


“Consider this: there is an unequal distribution of love in this world, something all of us have to give away freely. Before we censure others for their selfishness, we should probably see if we have done all we can with what we’ve been given.”

Picture credit : © Panaramka | – Winter day

… full of words and tales

i kissed you once out
here beside these trees, and
in soft regret your eyes were
turned inward, towards that part
of your life invisible to all but,
or even and, yourself

but the memory is not the
kiss, it is the look and the
feel of your face as i touched
it, brushing the hair back
off your forehead, appraising both
the moment and the look in
your eyes

but what is frozen often
melts, if enough time passes, and
only now do i recognize something
like fear mixed with your
longing – for while you felt something
for me, i was a strange, unpredictable
creature in your eyes, full of
words and tales

and the stories you knew
best always ended up being
scary ones: perhaps this was
a false setup to a frightening
ending – you weren’t sure

but i mistook that look for
a bad grade, and

dropped the class


sometimes it’s good to cry (i hear –
i wouldn’t know; i am a guy)
and let loose of what we can’t change:

like things time takes as it goes by

sometimes i close the door and then?
there might be tears (or not) involved –
i reach for what’s familiar; known

like getting problems solved

or then, there’s always eating, drinking;
wandering around and thinking;
everything-but-ever sleeping;
secrets stored for their safekeeping

sometimes it’s good to laugh (i’m told –
i wouldn’t know, i watch instead)
and let go of that rusty chain

that’s kept us here, and words


River Club

Dinner tonight at the River Club —

Eight at a table, sunset, wine,

Remembering some friends of mine

And yours – How big are your kids now?

Hard to believe. Was it yesterday?

I don’t know when, or rather, how

They grew so big. Where’s she at today?

Amazing. I’ve never traveled there –

Yes, that’s a skill you take anywhere.

You’re fourth of seven? I’m third of three.

I can’t imagine. It’s beats me

How anyone gets a degree in that.

Yes, we should certainly come back —

Validate parking – here’s my stub –

Dinner tonight at

The River Club