this glass…

this glass now reflected a tabula rasa for our destinies both written and bled

Two Snows Ago

Two snows ago, before all the woe, we were both awash in a lover’s glow; you were my only, and I was your one, and the sun that set was an innocent sun. Two snows ago, we had room to grow; we had time to waste and a world to know, but we gave that … Continue reading "Two Snows Ago"

afters (15)

when you read, you are admitting you still have things to learn and that you are at least ostensibly open to doing it

afters (14)

television open air me right here you right there afternoons and after love this is it and it's enough

afters (13)

moving sucks and takes forever; all the paperwork is rough. finding how few friends show up when you have fourteen tons of stuff

afters (12)

when our kids were young we looked out there and saw them in their plenitude we called them in at dinner time, awash in loving lenitude and when they went we smiled goodbye, for they'd be back, and (often) call -- these strangers who we raised out there but who we barely knew at all

afters (11)

we rise, for we want to be higher, then follow each wayward desire only to find out what the climbing's about: that's getting too close to the fire

afters (10)

i can smell her despondency in these walls that age where people stop asking, right when you need them