Summer Landscapes – 1

The journey starts at sun up, A voyage built of years; From in the mists, forgoten-ness, And sorrow in arrears That’s paid up in a string of hopes And unexpected joys — The voyage is the thing, the rest Is emptiness And noise

The Song Keeps Going

I've seen the sun come up on dreams, I've seen the night come down in eyes, I've loved, and been discarded both, So it should come as no surprise That the song keeps going after us. There's a time I'll stop when my day is done: But although the chorus be vast and loud You … Continue reading "The Song Keeps Going"

Some Life…

She soaks in the sun And drinks in the time: Just a little bit of space, And a little slice of lime Like a glint in the blue Or a book on a shelf, She needs no other To be Herself

Meretricious Verses (3)

upon the valley sits the snow, within the houses lives the dread of all the magic that resides within the winter of the dead who walk in hallways of our souls believing in the strength of fate: the too much grief that’s too much love, or not enough love, way too late

In a search

In a search for your regard, I lost my identity: A cost that I paid to get Your free indifference

The Written World

She dreams within a written world Of all she could take in and be; A vision calm, cerulean Along a shore in Tuscany The written world, in which she finds Adventure, romance, and an end To all of her anxieties And scars that never really seem To mend

For What They Are

Today, he sees the water calm, the sunlight pure, the skyway blue; Today, she feels the breath of God, the song of hope, the answer true Today, they know what ere they felt, of fallen man and journeys far -- The deep, deep sadness now that wells when we see things for what they are

one more one more

one more one more bathing beauty one less blasted call to duty one time two times meretricious salted caramel delicious one way street no room for turning hit the beach they're soon adjourning once we were to truth attending one more one more day pretending