Bring your eyes and cameras: The flowers are in riot, Masked out by springtime quiet And indifferent to blood


A long run on a warm day, Breeze as light as a sweat drop, And sound that goes to just... stop Like a friend you used to call


While reading Santayana I learned that those who do not Remember quotes are doomed to Constantly misapply them

The Green Rise

Come quiet on the green rise: Explorers, lovers, wishers — All that covers experience And all that lies underneath

Love, A University

Love, a university: Learning and getting ahead In fresh walls and a new bed, Soon, and empty monument

For hope and love of wisdom…

For hope and love of wisdom, They travel these yards and halls, Ever searching in these walls For what isn’t to be found

Spring Haze

Winter smoke becomes Spring haze, Pollen bearers come in clouds: All in search of that promise Real connection can offer


Another day spent looking For any sort of cover — A glade, a friend, a lover — Or some anonymity

The Learning Season

In Spring, the learning stops warm, As other concerns have sway (Such motions will have their day) And beaches turn into schools