afters (13)

moving sucks and takes forever; all the paperwork is rough. finding how few friends show up when you have fourteen tons of stuff

afters (12)

when our kids were young we looked out there and saw them in their plenitude we called them in at dinner time, awash in loving lenitude and when they went we smiled goodbye, for they'd be back, and (often) call -- these strangers who we raised out there but who we barely knew at all

afters (11)

we rise, for we want to be higher, then follow each wayward desire only to find out what the climbing's about: that's getting too close to the fire

afters (10)

i can smell her despondency in these walls that age where people stop asking, right when you need them

afters (9)

we borrowed all our opulence, and tasted that one meal: which sharpened all our hunger from that point onward

afters (8)

she still recalls the leaves: the way they'd blow outside those big, cracked windows. her happy times were simple: there was a modicum of security and her people. when they left, it was because life is about movement; but her heart goes back often -- because love is sometimes very much about not letting go

afters (7)

the heart believes, the mind denies / the sun befriends, the wind decries / we hold to truth made out of lies / and turn the too-big things our size // but this is mere analogy / and this is all intent / the winter of our hollow words / and affect sentiment

afters (6)

he was one of those who'd rather die than not be young: he got his wish. he was my friend back in the times when i had very few. what is so ironic is that someone who loved living so much could have embraced death so easily. but people live behind veils and walls, and … Continue reading "afters (6)"

afters (5)

just sign here and we’ll be done / it’s all over now, it’s ours / you can go, and no hard feelings / we know memories can leave scars // but this is the way with finance / when you cannot pay, you lose / but at least you can move on now / find … Continue reading "afters (5)"