Love, Angels & Dinosaurs

So, did Love once remind you who you are?
And now, do you remind Love who she is?
Perhaps we overstep in thinking we
Have understood enough to see that far.

For very far, indeed, must be our ken
If we think that we can direct Love’s path;
No more can we control the very stars
Than tell Love when she must come back again.

The light may fade, the angels fold their wings,
The dinosaurs come back to roam the earth,
And habit tie itself into a bow:
While we must merely stand, and watch such things —

But Love — It lives and travels as it will,
So in Its time, prepare to drink your fill

O, Love: What Life Will Give

O, love: what life will give today
It just as surely takes away,
Like angel-grass and cones of snow,
And places that we used to go.

Then memories, like little hands,
Reach out, into the hinterlands;
They try to build the world anew
Out of the painful residue

Of what was once, but is no more.
A road, a school, a candy store:
A place you stopped in days gone past,
To get a snack, and watch your dad

Pump gas

sunset kisses

she sees the sunset kisses in the sky
and opens up her arms to draw them in;
as though so full of love she there could fly –
she hopes it neither vanity nor sin –

for towards her, sorrow’s turned its doleful beak,
its wings, they flutter gently, with a sway;
but there at sunset, kisses brush her cheek,
as though all those who love her reach
to brush her tears away

[… for someone i have never met …]

here, songs were sung

here, songs were sung,
and tales were told,
and young brains thought
of journeys bold;
but those young brains
grew old, and then
fell into dissolution -

for new days will
be old one day:
so sing your songs,
and have your say --
for "these" days will
be "those", and then
our fateful diminution

      so while you yet have muster,
      keep on soldiering --
      ere you're an empty house
      alone and

{ … heavy rain … }

“the rain filled up the sky and shook the roof…”

heavy rain

the rain filled up the sky and shook the roof;
its smell was in the very air i breathed –
its presence ample: full, but yet aloof;
its fulminating: sounds of swords unsheathed.
exploding cannons, everywhere around
from in the rain’s conveying swarm of clouds;
the earth was full of it, its sight, its sound –
a din to drown out oceans, cars, or crowds —

but now, my brown eyes open to the sun;
the air no longer heavy – sky alight –
and though i grow accustomed to the sight
my mind’s not with the present everyone

i miss the rain, the storm was mine to hold;
the lonely light has left me bare, and cold