Hallways : servers

we call them servers: you and I
are using them right now

anonymously serving us
a technologic Tao

the Way things are transmitted
from your “there” back to my “here”

these rooms filled up with servers
that make every far thing

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3 Thoughts to “Hallways : servers

  1. I’m not very knowledgeable about how all this works. To me, computers are basically magic boxes. lol! Even so, on occasion, I’ve seen rooms like this on TV and such. So much information stored and traded…lots of very life-like things going on inside those…whatever they are. I always wonder if, by chance, there is actual life there, on some level. You know what I mean? Perhaps the residue of the personal things they transmit is left on them, somehow. I don’t know. I should probably have some coffee. lol…

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