Hallways : Luxury Hotel

How did I ever end up here? It’s like a sort of fantasy – And yet, these halls are real, And this is happening to me But sill, life’s downs and ups They are but little understood: And when I wasn’t looking Things turned Good

Hallways : Gray Egress

Today, the world seems cold and gray. I hope it doesn’t stay that way – It chills me to my very bone, A creature, silent and alone And colden days come back to me Gray hours by a churning sea I’d stare into uncaring waves And dream of her I longed to see Another gray … Continue reading "Hallways : Gray Egress"

Hallways : Dream Corridor

I see a hallway in my dreams, I’m often back there in the night; I do not know to where it leads, I fear to travel down it, But I might – For loneliness, like empty halls, Surrounds us on the best of days; And beckons us to who-knows-where, To finery, or maybe Vain displays … Continue reading "Hallways : Dream Corridor"

Hallways : Modern Office Atrium

So what now, can they make of this place? All is still to do; Location’s good, they have the space, No effort they’ll eschew The dreams of those who try their hand, Another, average day; An empty room turned into something, That’s The human Way

Hallways : Modern Art Subway

She’s walking through an empty hallway Looking at the color all around; On business there, the first of three days, Glancing at the new sights to be found Yet, Amsterdam – she’d always heard of, Never thinking that she’d ever see; She’s walking through an empty hallway Varicolored Modern Destiny

Hallways : servers

we call them servers: you and I are using them right now anonymously serving us a technologic Tao the Way things are transmitted from your “there” back to my “here” these rooms filled up with servers that make every far thing near

Hallways : Crumbling House

The arrogance of avarice Is known to all humanity, And yet, it hasn’t slowed a bit, No decrease in cupidity As every day, we read again, Of twisted, dark, venality: But empty and esurient We bumble toward mortality Here in the houses of the dead We see the sheer insanity Of filling days with emptiness … Continue reading "Hallways : Crumbling House"

Hallways : Hotel

I stagger, drunken, down this hall I’ve no idea which is my room For everywhere, things look the same And in this state, I won’t presume To know what I am doing; nor To knock where strangers might abide: I stagger, drunken, down this hall, My mind on fire And sleep Denied