Hallways : Gray Egress

Today, the world seems cold and gray.
I hope it doesn’t stay that way –
It chills me to my very bone,
A creature, silent and alone

And colden days come back to me
Gray hours by a churning sea
I’d stare into uncaring waves
And dream of her I longed to see

Another gray time now I view:
An autumn day that we once knew
You told me you must go away
The painful words I knew were true

So here again, amidst the gray
Another cold, indifferent day
I shiver, slightly, deep in thought
And travel towards what destiny
Has wrought

Hallways : Dream Corridor

I see a hallway in my dreams,
I’m often back there in the night;
I do not know to where it leads,
I fear to travel down it,
But I might –

For loneliness, like empty halls,
Surrounds us on the best of days;
And beckons us to who-knows-where,
To finery, or maybe
Vain displays –

For nothing in this hallways seems
Quite grand enough, or really right:
But still, my wanderlust it feeds,
I wander, ever further,

Hallways : Modern Art Subway

She’s walking through an empty hallway
Looking at the color all around;
On business there, the first of three days,
Glancing at the new sights to be found

Yet, Amsterdam – she’d always heard of,
Never thinking that she’d ever see;
She’s walking through an empty hallway

Hallways : Crumbling House

The arrogance of avarice
Is known to all humanity,
And yet, it hasn’t slowed a bit,
No decrease in cupidity

As every day, we read again,
Of twisted, dark, venality:
But empty and esurient
We bumble toward mortality

Here in the houses of the dead
We see the sheer insanity
Of filling days with emptiness
And shallow dreams
And vanity

Hallways : Hotel

I stagger, drunken, down this hall
I’ve no idea which is my room
For everywhere, things look the same
And in this state, I won’t presume

To know what I am doing; nor
To knock where strangers might abide:
I stagger, drunken, down this hall,
My mind on fire
And sleep