Be Free

What was no longer has to be –
Be free, my friend, be free
You are not trapped in history –
Be free my friend be free

The world is wide and full of joy,
For man and woman, girl and boy,
And with the powers you employ
You’ll find your destination —
The magic’s here, it’s not a trick,
For buildings come up brick-by-brick,
And slowest times are over quick,
Within your reclamation —

What might be there for you to see?
Be free, my friend, be free
What can you make of destiny?
Be free my friend be free

For life’s a thing that must be made,
If not champagne, then lemonade,
And what’s not owed need not be paid,
So feel no consternation —
Whatever order’s there, we placed,
It’s new horizons should be faced,
And though the past can’t be erased,
It’s now just information

So run, if you would run or flee —
Be free, my friend, be free
It’s life, it has no guarantee —
Be free, my friend, be free

Don’t set up shop in misery;
Your heart belongs to you – not me –
You can shape your reality:
Be free, my friend,
Be free

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6 Thoughts to “Be Free

  1. Lovely poem- it feels like a song. Now if only the advice within it were so easy to achieve. But you, of all people, must know how tangled hearts become when part of who one is is realized through having known another. The goal becomes not so much being “free” as being independent to built fresh dreams and realities. And, to do this while hanging on to that part of oneself which has become so important and which cannot be emotionally separated from the other.
    I find it hard to equate emotion with information.

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