A Love Story

Once, a shy girl: soft imploding,Preset pillows, pressed decoding,Colored contacts, carbo loading,Lover, fighter, guard of dreams — Then, a new boy: bright exploring,Hope expanding, thoughts outpouring,Dark hair shining, passions warring,Writer, painter, all extremes — Came a moment: golden gladness,Manic mixture, molten madness,Scenes of soon-forgotten sadness,Two lives taken off of shelves Once, a shy girl: gotten … Continue reading "A Love Story"

A Cynical Love Story

They fell in love quite typically, The common apparatus -- He loved her for her looks, and she, She loved him for his status And all of it seemed cynical, Except, one day, they found, With time and common property They'd come to common ground As he had come to love her mind, And she … Continue reading "A Cynical Love Story"

Three Was Not A Crowd

She loved him and she loved his golden dog, And both of them loved her like none before; It was a summer long ago, but I Can see them still, right now, as bright as sun For they, the boy and girl, live on in love Though that transforms in time, it grows up wild, … Continue reading "Three Was Not A Crowd"

A Mountain Love Story

He called to her in joyful Spring, She answered shortly back in song: From almost that first moment they Were joined together, fast and strong And every mountain's beauty grew, And each peak was worth braving: For love is a thing that truly saves, And love is a thing Worth saving


I see them, as they were at seventeen: Two, joined together, always, everywhere. On school or church trips, sort of just one body, If you saw her, you knew he would be there -- But like an illness, sometimes, love just passes, The constant soon becomes a memory, And "they" are long-forgotten, save at moments, … Continue reading "Inseparable"


His words were most unskillful, His actions, bungling -- The silences were awkward, His efforts, bumbling -- But she saw something different -- The meant behind the voiced -- The lover's dance of grace, within These gestures Maladroit

The Hanover

This place was very different once. The brightly lit playbill -- They fell at an early winter show The day the earth stood still They promised, soon, to always love, A thing they did past dying; And when she went long after him, We stood here, one day, crying How much that crumbles once was … Continue reading "The Hanover"

A Lover’s Journey

The ride to see him Was the most exciting day In her still young life As the states rolled by like years Soon to be covered in grass

Behind the Fence

She was his love, behind the fence, but he was loth to show it; She was his only, long, true, love -- but didn't know it. He built them castles made of ice, to float with weightlessness; His every thought, of her, while she could not care less. Behind the fence was where she stayed, … Continue reading "Behind the Fence"