bride, like the wind

the yesterday it must have been
was years ago, they tell me now;
we stood stood outside, while sea and sun,
both, envied you your grace –

you said you would, i said i did;
some music and a spotlight dance,
a little while in a car,
a soft look on your face

why are my hands so wrinkled now?
where are you? what was that i felt?
a wind that rushed by in the night
with rustling silk, and lace —

my bride, my love, i know you’re here —
just pull these tubes from off my face
and we’ll be on the beach again,
and you’ll be all in white —

the breeze is blowing in your hair
you’re smiling once again at me
the day is back, where it belongs
i can let go
of night

He held her near the ancient stair…

He held her near the ancient stair
Where many had seen love go bad,
A suture here, a plaster there,
A sorrowed heart turned sudden glad —

He held her close, and in regard,
She double-sent the power back;
Love yielding soft as times got hard,
Each other there for both as


A lifelong love story.

A wild girl who ran away
To find her love among the wind and sand;
His native pearl, was what he used to say,
As he would gently take her hand

The ancient lands from which she came,
The pattern of a people of the earth;
A pearl among the Navajo, her name –
And love in him which she had given birth

And they grew old together, he and Pearl,
Her love remained as always, wild and fierce:
But never had a boy more loved a girl,
Nor died with so much honor
In his tears

Bryan’s Winter Memory

everything he ever wanted
but wouldn’t even risk dreaming
was happening

he didn’t need to say the perfect thing
or be the perfect guy
he just needed her

and she was like
bathing in flowers

somewhere, beyond
even winter’s warmest beauty

was the feel of her