your horizon

he was your horizon; you were his fireplace. you couldn’t know the winter spent would melt away in grace — the spice and smoke, they linger still, the snow has turned to cotton — and still you reach, reflexively, for gone but not forgotten

Essays in Failure – 3

I said “have you seen they’re tearing down –” He said “yeah, you know, I met Joy in that place. It’s kinda where we fell in love –” It’s been four years since she’d passed away, And I thought, how sad — we lose who we love, And may then lose the things we connected … Continue reading "Essays in Failure – 3"

One Old Couple

We’d, in summer, see them sitting In their yard, beyond the hollow, From our bikes, the rain permitting: Smiling then, their eyes would follow, Children done with summer play, Heading home at fade of day. One old couple: wrinkled, graying, Side by side with shadows growing: That their hearts for us were praying, We’d no … Continue reading "One Old Couple"

A Love Story

Once, a shy girl: soft imploding, Preset pillows, pressed decoding, Colored contacts, carbo loading, Lover, fighter, guard of dreams — Then, a new boy: bright exploring, Hope expanding, thoughts outpouring, Dark hair shining, passions warring, Writer, painter, all extremes — Came a moment: golden gladness, Manic mixture, molten madness, Scenes of soon-forgotten sadness, Two lives … Continue reading "A Love Story"

Last Night

Last night, she told him that She loved and missed him — And he could feel it, In the way she kissed him — Last night, the fire burned From simple kindling: Now love grows large, when it Seemed doomed To dwindling

In Joy

She brings young love up to the door, Her family on the other side; A heart as full as hearts can be, And eyes alight with pride — But families don’t always see: They can get locked up in the past, And miss the growing moment’s mien, “Another thing not meant to last –” But … Continue reading "In Joy"

far afield

we saw him at the grocery store — an empty cart, a vacant stare — a man who’d always worn a smile, miles, now, from anywhere the earth he’d tilled lay in the sun, as he kept at the life he’d known, but empty was a table chair and inside, no light ever shone, for … Continue reading "far afield"