A Love Story

Once, a shy girl: soft imploding,
Preset pillows, pressed decoding,
Colored contacts, carbo loading,
Lover, fighter, guard of dreams —

Then, a new boy: bright exploring,
Hope expanding, thoughts outpouring,
Dark hair shining, passions warring,
Writer, painter, all extremes —

Came a moment: golden gladness,
Manic mixture, molten madness,
Scenes of soon-forgotten sadness,
Two lives taken off of shelves

Once, a shy girl: gotten bolder,
Then, a new boy made to hold her,
One more day, but not just older,
Two new people, now

To Walk Together —

He’d never been the high-achievement kind.
He heard about it from his ex a lot —
But yet, he is not lazy, just the type
Who’s happy taking care of what he’s got;
Instead of restlessly acquiring more.

She’d wanted more than just to share a bed.
Relationships of hers had all devolved
To homely power struggles in the end —
With men who knew no ease from problems solved;
Men she left off as tendentious and sore.

But then, they met, and it was love at once.
Her love to him engendered his content:
He loved her as a wildflower grows
To watch and cherish for its sight and scent,
Without attempting to improve its store

To walk together:
Life and love, explore –
To walk together —
All they’d each
Longed for

{ … seasons, like eternities … }

in seasons, like eternities,
we watched them spark and grow –
banalities are everything
when they are all you know

or so we thought from where we sat.
our friends were deep and gone;
we judged things then quite casually –
so upper echelon

were we, that we saw nothing clear.
despite our vision grand
there was much in simplicity
we couldn’t understand.

you plan a trip, logistically,
it’s money and it’s stuff:
we somehow missed the marvel that
is two who have enough.

in seasons, like eternities,
the truth sang out at last;
while locked in our modernity,
the moment almost passed

to see and comprehend our friends
on top of Fortune’s wheel:
for love sees clearly, if not ends,
what matters and

what’s real

High Tide

A love story, without any actual events in it.

She never knew the thing’s he’s known;
She never saw what he has seen.
But yet, through life’s vicissitudes
And through an empathy most keen

She’s tuned into the way he feels,
The man he is, inside —
And feels the ebb and flow of each
New low, or new high tide

And he – he wants to do the same:
To feel her changing moods and waves;
He gets her many gypsy jaunts,
Her forays into nooks and caves

He wants to know the many ways
Her heart is prone to go:
To laugh with her at high tide, and
To share with her
The low


She saw him looking in the park
For something he had dropped;
She was out for her exercise,
But curious, she stopped

And asked what he was looking for.
He didn’t lift his head,
“I lost my watch. Come help me.”
“I don’t think I can,” she said.

He looked up and he reddened,
And he said, “I’m sorry. Say –”
She laughed and said, “Don’t worry.
Where’d you drop it?” And then they

Looked all around the grass, until
She spotted it. And then
They sat awhile and talked;
Her name was Paige. His name was Ben.

The day drew on, the sky grew dark,
He asked if he could call;
So she gave him her number,
But she didn’t think – at all –

That he’d really ever call her.
But he did, that very night:
Her mom asked, “Who’s this boy?”
She told her mom, “Mom, it’s alright.

His name is Ben. I met him
At the park awhile ago.
He said that he would call me,
And he did.” Her mom said, “So…”

“He wants to go to dinner with me.
Dinner, Friday night,
I don’t have anything to wear.”
“Oh, we’ll make that alright.”

Her mom had never seen this Paige
This side she’d never known:
But love’s a light that won’t be blocked,
And when it shines
We’re shown