Sheila’s Laughter

Sheila’s not afraid of laughing At herself or anyone; Vanity and human foibles Are an endless source of fun So her voice is filled with laughter, Musical, like sweet guitar: Nothing’s funnier than lovers, Look at how absurd We are

To Walk Together —

He’d never been the high-achievement kind. He heard about it from his ex a lot — But yet, he is not lazy, just the type Who’s happy taking care of what he’s got; Instead of restlessly acquiring more. She’d wanted more than just to share a bed. Relationships of hers had all devolved To homely … Continue reading "To Walk Together —"

High Tide

A love story, without any actual events in it.


She saw him looking in the park For something he had dropped; She was out for her exercise, But curious, she stopped And asked what he was looking for. He didn’t lift his head, “I lost my watch. Come help me.” “I don’t think I can,” she said. He looked up and he reddened, And … Continue reading "{-Shown-}"


they dined out on pistachios and drank their ginger ale, then spoke a bit of voting rights, and benefits of kale she asked him if her loved her true, he said he didn’t know, then they were left with silence, and one last pistachio


A lifelong love story.


The sharp regret that follows to the grave Is hidden now by neither snow nor stone; For while we’re weak, it’s possible we’re brave Enough to face our sorrows on our own, Albeit, we need never be alone —- For though we live in dungeons in the dark, The fire’s there of love’s remaining spark. … Continue reading "Asphodel"