9 Love Poems – 9

Bring me the night and you, and I need little more,For nothing else intoxicates like this:A realm of learnings, carried by uncommon core;The many-volumed novel in a kiss The lingering, a candle slow to burn the wick;The curvature that’s well known to the touch —The slightest little turn that finally does the trick,The final gear … Continue reading "9 Love Poems – 9"


Some people say that where they are Is where they’re meant to be; For years, I never understood – Those comments puzzled me Sometimes, you’re down and desperate, As I was, long ago: I saw no reason at the time Why it needs must be so For almost thirty years ago I tried to end … Continue reading "Nightscape"

Real, Love

(While at the hospital almost seven years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.) So I cannot cease,Nor can rest,Knowing you’re in pain – I would do and IWould undoSo many things now My child: if I couldSomehow tradePlaces with … Continue reading "Real, Love"

This One Idea

Do good things come to those who wait?Or do they waste their daysAnd months and years in wishingFor the slightest of displays That what they hope for might come true?It’s hard to make a rule —That one could then encapsulateTo teach at home or school. But this — this one idea I haveAnd you helped … Continue reading "This One Idea"

Filling Station

OnceA woman and her husbandStopped at this place She, eight months with childHe, thinking about walking outAnd the drive had been a tense oneOld wounds reopenedFresh hurts on display And an old couple was thereAt the same timeLaughing while they pumped gasThey asked her when the baby was due She said, “One month.” The old … Continue reading "Filling Station"

Falling, In Love

[Originally posted May, 2018. 30 days of prose, day 10. – Owen] Falling in love is like stepping off of a flying airplane; them loving you back would be the parachute. But that parachute doesn’t always open. Splat. Love in relationships always comes with risk. We can’t know what others are really thinking, and we … Continue reading "Falling, In Love"

Now, When I Remember You

To tell the story of a life Takes many pages, many words; To tell the story of a love Takes every bit as long The you I saw in summer fields Beneath an endless weightless sky The you I felt in tenderness The softness of your skin, a sigh For now, when I remember you … Continue reading "Now, When I Remember You"

past the gate

past the gate we walked in loving poverty riches of the heart stay longer and taste much sweeter