for you

the day is made of flowers
within these high steel walls,
the city breathes
a busy sort of sigh —

and though i walk for hours,
amid the carts and stalls,
i seem to see you everywhere.
and why?

for you
i sang a different kind of song,
for you
i walked the angry streets
and brought my heart along,
for you
i turned the winter into spring,
for you,
you were my hope,
my everything

there is a kind of mem’ry
that’s realer than real things,
the presence of someone
who isn’t there

it’s absolute, and plen’ry,
and each new day it brings
a realization that is

for you
gave me a different kind of song,
for you
i walked the hopeful streets
my soaring heart along,
for you
the lonely winter seemed like spring,
for you,
you were my heart,
my everything

for you,
you’re still my hope


Everyday Joys: My Wife

She makes me laugh (I love to laugh)
She makes me think (I need to think)
She makes happy (most the time)
Although, I can’t predict her —

It’s love (and love’s most everything)
And joy (and that is hard to find)
Though she says ’twas the OTHER way,
I’m very glad I picked her

A “Maybe Someday” Thing

You were a “maybe someday” thing,
And then, a one day thrice;
I knew you with your angel wings
And when you weren’t that nice —

I saw you with your layers peeled,
And every thought astray;
You had me as I really am,
But didn’t run away

I thought you were beyond my reach,
Or that I was too late:
But sometimes, “maybe someday” things
Turn into something


golden state

a conversation marinade,
delicious tête-à-tête —
a glimpse behind the masquerade,
that is the golden state

a convalescing happiness,
a short trip to the stars;
some whispering across the phone,
like reaching through the bars —

a long, impulsive loving spree,
a move, a check, a mate —
the joining that can set you free,
that is the golden