an old romance

the love the same the passions pure with lovers true but yet unsure it’s hard from here to know them there: but if they weren’t, we’d all be air

I Wander Freely

I wander freely in and out of dreams Along a path where long ago we walked; By tires on long ropes, swung over streams, Where crickets chirped and frogs croaked as we talked – And as young lovers do, we also did. I loved the shy excitement of your eyes; Your quick’ning breath, as on … Continue reading "I Wander Freely"

When All You Love

When all you love is still the same, But somehow, not enough; When every path’s abandoned, each New friend, a new rebuff — When days stretch on like oceans, And the nights are heavy lade, And all you ever dreamed about Dissolves and starts to fade Then hope becomes a beacon you Must follow to … Continue reading "When All You Love"

4 Love Notes – 4

The seasons come and go, and we retire Into a book, a series or a show; To football games, or RPG’s we flee, Escaping from that thing we do not know, And yet which haunts us, keeping us from rest. How beautiful this Christmas was, and yet The endless January comes, and we Get lost … Continue reading "4 Love Notes – 4"

4 Love Notes – 3

At first to act You have to feel; Thats how we knew That love was real — When wishes made of time Spread out And we had little (Any) doubt — But time slows down And some ways, stops: As new hope rises, Old hope drops And we are left Disturbed; unsure Of source of … Continue reading "4 Love Notes – 3"

4 Love Notes – 2

The fog creeps in The chilly mist The gray takes over We exist And life seems frozen Lassitude And joy a fleeting Thought dismissed. But one brief glance And comes the fire Weary yes But still desire Pushes through The slog of day The soul’s one part That doesn’t tire — Come fog come And … Continue reading "4 Love Notes – 2"

4 Love Notes – 1

As nature waits, now, so do I. The stillness hangs in heart and sky; The winter knows, but quiet keeps — We’ll come together, by-and-by. Not all of love is bounds and leaps: To heal - to grow - it often sleeps As all around it comes the cold, It sits becalmed amid the heaps. … Continue reading "4 Love Notes – 1"

That Was Yesterday

Love grows high and wide, Time grows long and gray, You gave me your best That was yesterday Beautiful the world Sad the moments clear That was yesterday Back when you Were here