One Father’s Perspective On Having A Child

I had a friend who told me that he never wanted to have a child, because then he wouldn’t get to be the child. I understand that choice, but for me the situation was very different: I had been given so much, I wanted a family I could give to, only to find they gave me far more than I could ever give them.


an intimate moment
seems a lifetime,
so hungry are we
for them,
and so rare
as they often are.

an intimate moment,
is of course a lifetime
captured in an instant,
with only two
real participants

If you cannot view the video that comes with this piece, and would like to, click here. – Owen

But, Now…

“… that burning part of me …”

A man, throughout my life, each day
I find that I want sex:
That burning part of me,
Pressing and gaunt —

But now you’re here, another slant
Is seared into my thoughts;
It isn’t sex, my dear:
It’s you I want

It isn’t blind desire leading,
Negligent of goal:
It isn’t ‘horniness’
That doesn’t care

It’s you and only you I want –
I think I always did:
Before, though, I’d not dreamed yet
You were there

The Kiss of Demarcation

Their eyes had met, but they had really not
Two friends of friends, who’d travelled much the same –
And yet, had not so much as spoken
When they kissed

She kissed him rashly, passion fierce and true
And he responded, in a newfound way
He’d never known – or known he could –
And all was changed.