That Was Yesterday

Love grows high and wide, Time grows long and gray, You gave me your best That was yesterday Beautiful the world Sad the moments clear That was yesterday Back when you Were here

Love, Again

My heart stops Still, ev'ry time I see you; Autumn comes, but this stays ever green -- Whispering, The breeze that passes by Understands all that I am feeling, The cycle -- The places the wind goes, And just why it is ever-changing. This is love -- Moments moving and still; Everything that is, or … Continue reading "Love, Again"

The Model Life (5)

Come sit beside me, let me see you smile, If you have one inside that you could share; We've been so busy, it has been awhile Since we could be together, and be there The ways we need to do, to show we care. For there's been much to do for you and me In … Continue reading "The Model Life (5)"

The Model Life (4)

I don't deny I love the way you look And though it's said to be but shallow praise Just one encounter was all that it took. The time has passed, now: all the years, the days, And still I love to see you being you, With all your many attitudes, and ways. For what's most … Continue reading "The Model Life (4)"

again and then

again and then flowing past such times as kept us unable to understand but feeling our way

Love in Black & White (8)

Eight months ago, they two, unsure Set out visit her O.B., But everything since then has been As wonderful as life can be A whirlwind ride, but full of joy The moment that they met her -- For love's the best thing in the world, And then, it just Gets better

Love in Black & White (7)

Seven hundred different ways Seven hundred different nights Mashed between the breathless days Blurred liking rushing city lights Early roller coaster up Slow, then faster with the rest -- Maybe her pursued her first, But then she pursued him Best

Love in Black & White (6)

It didn't take a sixth sense To know the ghosts they'd face: Of what it is that people think About both love, and race -- But them? They would not creep around Or live their lives by steath: For love does not care anything 'Bout things outside Itself

Love in Black & White (4)

Four hours in an airport, A lifetime in a day; It's funny how two people meet, And why, it's hard to say -- But there was a before-time And then, there was the rest: The worst part of journey, Become their journey's Best