You’ve always seen yourself as plain,
Yet I see beauty to reveal:
Not flaws, but marks that show a life
And all you’ve felt, or yet may feel,

For what is obvious to me
Of you in whole, and in each part,
Is the plain gold that is your worth
And that great glory that is your



days of softness summer

in days of softness summer sings
it’s varicolored chorus…

in days of softness summer sings
it’s varicolored chorus;
the bright life essence solstice brings
the sharp relief in minor things
through light we’re opened, porous

in moments of recumbency
we find our missing ardor;
the worried minutes hours flee
and all the lost, the you the me
invoke the sacred charter

in days of softness summer sighs
its song of sweet enchanting;
if love came first we’d realize
that tenderness is right and wise
and summer, time for planting —
the seeds, our lifetime’s

A Love Poem

O love, you know my heart, you do,
The much that we’ve been in and through,
So many things, both great and small,
Not known at any but us two —

The nights that fly, the days that crawl:
The dreams that rise and hopes that fall,
The steps we take from way to way,
And that one thread uniting all —

For love’s forever and today:
A time to weep, a time to play,
And one to sit and mutely view
The life that springs within decay.

O love, you know my heart, you do:
And that there is no me if there’s

No you