Love Spasm the Eighth, Part 2

Sometimes I was the one aggrieved,
At times, the one aggrieving –
With her, the fault lays all with me:
Tale told, without deceiving

I chased her, summertime to fall.
Tore down her barriers of doubt;
But once I got beyond her wall,
I couldn’t get back out –

And panicked when I found back there,
That once she loved, she loved for real:
And that was more, much more than I
Was then prepared to feel.

Although I disappointed her,
To work so long to leave so fast,
The same thing would be done to me,
Before much time had passed.

And so we all will live to get,
Our turn at each role in the play:
I’m sure that she’s long over it,
But wish I had not been
That way

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3 Thoughts to “Love Spasm the Eighth, Part 2

  1. I have had this happen to me more than once. Reading your post brings it up like it just happened yesterday, in terms of the feelings flooding in. I’m shocked at how immediately accessible they still are. Informative to hear a man’s perspective. 🙂

  2. I get that. It’s hard to own it when we’ve wounded someone. It’s even harder to own it without pummeling ourselves into oblivion. 🙂

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