Love Spasm The Third

When my ex left, our youngest wasBut three years old – alas –So I would take him daily toA little pre-k class The girl who worked there was so youngBut seemed to like the wayI’d sit with him – and other kids –Beginning every day So, finally, I asked her outAnd she said that she … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Third"

Unrequited Love Spasm

When I was so very young I loved an older girl; To me, she was perfection, and The crown of the whole world I helped her with her homework For many days on end: But as much as I loved her, she Saw me as just a friend A friend whose name she seemed to … Continue reading "Unrequited Love Spasm"

Love Spasm The Seventh

Alright, then. She was forty-six And I was twenty-three; And I would fantasize about her With some frequency She worked just down the hall, divorced, With boys about my age; And we were friends, we laughed, we talked And one day reached the stage Where she thought she would fix me up. So I would … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Seventh"

November’s Chalice

I was, I think, a hurried man. To get to where and what my goal; A confidence, a worked-out plan, An inside-out, and fevered soul, When she November’s chalice brought For me to sip the honeyed wine I’d wanted, and through seasons sought, But that was hers, and never mine. She was, I see now, … Continue reading "November’s Chalice"

A Resonance

I heard across the span of years the sea. A younger smaller form of you-and-me: Our latent powers weakened by the storm, Each pressured in our ways to fold, conform — But on that shore, we held to skin on skin, Our bronze desire: to escape again Into a world we hoped we could make … Continue reading "A Resonance"

Roni’s Engagement

She called to tell me that she was engaged – Me, dating some love spasm at the time – Who I brought with me to meet them for drinks Which I think were Coronas – yes – with lime And she still looked a perfect movie star And so did he, if truth, in fact, … Continue reading "Roni’s Engagement"


When Roni had me pick her up, I almost lost my mind: A lonely dude at twenty-three The restless dating kind We got dressed up to go to see The local symphony; Italian dinner, wine, and then A drive down by the sea She touched my face with both her hands And I’m sure it … Continue reading "Roni"

A Certain Kind of Trouble

The kind of trouble that she was I’d never known in all my days; But found in new and countless ways That trouble is as trouble does Entrancing in her loveliness, And seemingly so soft and sweet: I found her virtue truly fleet, For she, at heart, was pitiless Our troubles take a certain shape. … Continue reading "A Certain Kind of Trouble"