Unrequited Love Spasm

When I was so very young
I loved an older girl;
To me, she was perfection, and
The crown of the whole world

I helped her with her homework
For many days on end:
But as much as I loved her, she
Saw me as just a friend

A friend whose name she seemed to have
Some trouble in recalling;
Although she saw me every day
And knew that I was falling

In love with her – she did know this –
But that happened a lot:
So just one other dude who liked her
Didn’t get her hot

I’ve looked back on it since, and thought:
I know that I was callow.
But what is more amazing’s that
I didn’t know how shallow

She was; or how bad I was
In my youthful incoherence:
To love someone who really was
Not much more than appearance

Then recently, I saw her:
Thirty years had past since then:
And she was bright and charming and
All that she should have been

So I had to revise my
Patronizing memory:
If I had seen the real her then
She’d have seen

(“Unrequited Love Spasm” – 1-27-2015)

7 thoughts on “Unrequited Love Spasm

  1. thevillagewords

    I helped someone with their homework once! She was a beautiful poet just as yourself! Someone I knew a long time ago! I met her the first day I started college! She would love your work!

  2. thevillagewords

    And, that was just over 16 years ago! She had a knack for writing as well! Robots and automatons!

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