that drowning feeling

swirling unspecified in the middle of a chaos poured from pitchers of deep rain cannons firing across the still december mourning for a lost adulthood framed by a little used childhood endeavor just brings sorrow what if i can't do it what if i'm not enough what if i what if what

blanking —

all the hammer blows. tractile and malleable — incessantly down. bent, shaped and worn complanate longing for rest.             — relentless —


Ninth-month tremulous Harbor intersecting voyage Sharing appetite

by products

A meditation on our role in the choices available to us

at the margin bleak

a white powder day, the buzzards swarming in circles above an inadequate dissonance finding winter across bleak margin, and a cross above frightened bushes huddled for warmth it is a winter’s choice that must be made in every season: to carry on, or be carrion

emotional diathermancy

he asked, but no one seemed to know the reasons or hazarded so much as a small guess why wasted time fills up the best of seasons and leaves him to a life of emptiness in roil dynamic or in static posing a tag of nothing but diathermance to radiate within secure enclosing with only … Continue reading "emotional diathermancy"

inheritance of desolation

inheritance of desolation sung by invisible choirs of felons shown clemency only by those victimized by higher cost of living increases than most could absorb with paper towels