Love Spasm The Eighth

What makes love strong can also make it painful.
A college boy, and she, a college girl –
We wandered in the autumn of enjoyment
And let our flags of ecstasy unfurl

It wasn’t what was physical about us:
The question that we answered in our quiz
That, although brief, reminded me forever
That perfect love is perfect, when it is

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8 Thoughts to “Love Spasm The Eighth

  1. Love is perfect! I just wish I hadn’t lost mine to Virtual Insanity!

      1. Sent a letter I shouldn’t have. And she broke my heart, because of a trip to Florida. A lot of misunderstanding. I wish I could go back in time. That and someone not believing in me. It hurts when the person you love the most doesn’t believe in YOU!

  2. I was surprised at how often it had happened to me when I first started writing about it. I had a surprisingly large number of failed (or never-really-got-started) relationships.

    Are they any of yours you haven’t written about yet?

    1. If I count only actual love, the number is 4, plus 2 marriages.

      I used “love spasm” to mean “not really love, but felt like it briefly”

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