Love Spasm The Sixth

Do not ask me how it happened
To this day I’m not quite sure –
A girl who I went to church with
And a friendship long secure

Spoke to her Christmas vacation
She was helping church day care;
Said, “Why don’t we catch a movie?”
She said, “Sure, then. When and where?”

So that night we went to see
Some horrid awful slasher flick
I am glad we got distracted
Watching would have made me sick

Yes, somehow we fell to kissing
In the cool, protected dark
Of the nearly empty movie.
Later, we went to a park

Over by the airfield runway.
Watched the planes over our heads:
Stayed out very late indeed, then
Headed each back to our beds.

At the time, I had no inkling
Just when, just how, I’d gone wrong:
With the decades, now, for distance
I know I came on too strong

So our first night was the last night
For another girl and guy:
One more chance at love that faltered
Just a test that went awry

But, I did learn one thing from her,
That has served me well since then:
If you never ask the question
You won’t know
What might
Have been

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