Love Spasm The Fifth

She was a lovely person
Friends with my friend’s fiancee;
They travelled down from Baltimore
To spend the holiday

I had just got a kitten
From the local shelter’s care;
When they came by to visit
I became, well, quite aware

How pretty and how funny and
How interesting she seemed;
And as she watched the kitten play
Her laughing visage beamed

We spent two weeks together
Mostly her, the cat, and me —
Agreeing we would correspond
And see what we could be

But letters, calls and flowers
Couldn’t bridge us o’er the span
Of distance in a romance that
Had barely yet began

But she was honest, forthright
And it ended gracefully;
She, so soon then married —
Still alone

My cat

And me

Love Spasm The Fifth (1b)

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8 Thoughts to “Love Spasm The Fifth

  1. Wow. This is lovely. I think it’s wonderful how fond your thoughts of her remain. I wonder why it wasn’t meant to be. Or I guess, why so many things don’t seem to be meant to be. I guess we don’t always find out, huh? It’s beautiful though, that you think of her so sweetly and maybe she served her purpose in doing just that. Being a sweet memory.

    Sweet post, thanks for sharing:)

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