Love Spasm The Fourth – Postscript

Love Spasm 4b

He asked me was it serious
I said I didn’t know;
But I needed to talk to her
Before I had to go

She lived just down the way
I met her just outside her place:
The breeze was blowing, as
She brushed the hair back from her face

I said, “Last night was wonderful.”
She said, “Yes, it was nice.”
The wind was flowing frigid
As my heart turned into ice

And I realized I’d been thinking that
This girl might be the one —
When she merely passing time

11 thoughts on “Love Spasm The Fourth – Postscript

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      1. If it involves getting up early, I’m the right guy, so I’d say, yes.

        By the way, you’re already my favorite president currently serving.

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