What All We Do

If I wait to take my medicine, I can write a lot of poems before I start having seizures. I have about another hour before things start to get really bad, so I’m taking advantage of it for now. I was trying to post 48 new pieces in 24 hours; I couldn’t tell you why. It’s 8:13 AM as I write this, and I am in a hotel room with a day’s drive ahead of me.

Why we do what all we do,
I’m not sure and nor are you.

Climates change and tempers vary,
All of it seems arbitrary;

Some connection happens freely,
Most of us are frightened, really.

Couplets drone in empty sounding,
Hearts that hearken to keep pounding.

Why we do what all we do?
I don’t know, and nor

Do you

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10 Thoughts to “What All We Do

    1. If I wait too long, I will have seizures. In the time leading up to when I would have one, I can be very productive. But then I take my meds, and I don’t.

      This is why I rarely write prose…

      1. Minds are funny things, aren’t they..
        (I’m going to assume you have epilepsy.. that sucks. I was diagnosed with it ages ago, but luckily they were wrong.. still had to live with 6 months of restrictions tho)

        I don’t understand why prose is worse than poetry…

  1. words, words, words, 48 empty poems. I’ll not mince my words. I’ve been reading yours since the fall of 2016 and you’ve written some gold star poems. You often warm up with three to six short forms and then hit a good one. This will often be good in form: clever or/and tight or sometimes provocative in content as well as effective in form. These latter are the best. They are the gems i wait for. Maybe you could just warm up with a few thoughtful and fun pieces and leave the numbers and the counting for S. R. the Actuary to do later in the day?
    PS I love it when you edit and republish older poems and i really like the way you link them into series. Keep posting! (less and “more”)

      1. Your writing is the silver lining in what would otherwise be a very dark cloud. Further it is possible only because you have found the purpose and the passion to make it happen. Best of all you have chosen to share it with us, not hide it. And for that I am profoundly grateful. May i be a bit more open? Reading your poetry every day probably saved my life. And when you didn’t post for whatever reason it was a difficult time. Your writing is a lot more than a manifestation of an illness; it is you. Thanks for being you.

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