Love in Black & White (3)

The three of them go everywhere, The way they've done for years; Together, they have felt the sun, And faced unnumbered fears There's little that they haven't known, Or seen the far depths of -- A life with just the three of them: Just she and he And love

Love in Black & White (2)

The second that we think we know, Then love reminds us that we don't. But that's okay; the world is large, And love won't be confined, or zoned, Or even yield to definition. This is our condition: The moment that we think we know, We've out past mere Cognition

Love in Black & White (1)

First, it takes us by surprise: A feeling that we've never felt, A favorite ice cream on the tongue We savor as it starts to melt But that can quickly freeze our brains: A headache, and a joy, in-one -- Yes, love is better than all things, And also worse, the day It's done

Looking Out on Desire

Handsome on the hill Beautiful and strong You will find some peace It won’t be that long Hope is not just wishing Love’s without machinery Look out on desire Cultivate the scenery

Twisted and Interlaced

One afternoon, when we were autumning and such, you asked me when I would, finally, and why not now I never understood, the way that your eyes changed what they saw, making something out of every shifting mass, and yet -- One afternoon, twisted, and interlaced, I answered your question in the affirmative, and you … Continue reading "Twisted and Interlaced"

When You Get Your Chance…

When you get your chance, You fall where the pull takes you; For love is less a walk Than a waterslide When your turn comes, You give up your old rules, Because you realize you have never Really played this game before Ask your questions, But make no assumptions; Dance whenever there's music, And make … Continue reading "When You Get Your Chance…"

Love is Manifold

Love is manifold, Dimensional, Made of movement and stillness, Inhalation and observation, Patience and forbearing.   There’s no such thing as “Too young to love”, “Too old to love”, or “Too anything to love”.   Even now, when Parts of the world burn; Somewhere Love is finding itself For the very first time All over … Continue reading "Love is Manifold"


Yours is the only love I want, Yours is the only face I see When I’m alone and need a friend, Yours is my heart’s one constancy Yours is the loveliness of day, Yours is the softness of the night; Mine is the heart that you can have Yours is the battle always worth The … Continue reading "Yours"


you told me to believe you, although i had my doubt; it all seemed hard to understand, but i’m not one to flout a confidence, once given. and so i played my role, and found you quite believable when taken as a whole