Love is Manifold

Love is manifold, Dimensional, Made of movement and stillness, Inhalation and observation, Patience and forbearing.   There’s no such thing as “Too young to love”, “Too old to love”, or “Too anything to love”.   Even now, when Parts of the world burn; Somewhere Love is finding itself For the very first time All over … Continue reading "Love is Manifold"


Yours is the only love I want, Yours is the only face I see When I’m alone and need a friend, Yours is my heart’s one constancy Yours is the loveliness of day, Yours is the softness of the night; Mine is the heart that you can have Yours is the battle always worth The … Continue reading "Yours"


you told me to believe you, although i had my doubt; it all seemed hard to understand, but i’m not one to flout a confidence, once given. and so i played my role, and found you quite believable when taken as a whole

Love: An Exploration

“We can and will,” she says to me — The voyage taken leisurely: We cover tiny bits of skin And other sights as taken in, In shadows of discovered powers — Hers and mine, but mostly, ours. “You know I think what might be good?” I don’t, but soon it’s understood — There’re wishes found … Continue reading "Love: An Exploration"

Keeping Score, Part 3

Yesterday, the air was still, And you and I were wandering Around and through a living field. Our hands were joined together as We brushed the flowers soft and slow With noiseless and remaindered joy. For free can mean both without cost Or without hindrance; each Was ours to share

Keeping Score, Part 2

In springtime we were younger led ‘Neath skies of blue to fields of red, Where happiness was close to touch And we did not think overmuch. How strange the minutes melt to days And love gets stuck in alleyways Of city gray and urban blight That leaves us feeling, but not right.   There were … Continue reading "Keeping Score, Part 2"

Keeping Score, Part 1

You belong to me, the way The earth and sky belong To all who open wide their lungs And breathe in every bit of what is there — For hearts are made of air And I belong to you the way The autumn burns in orange gold As clouds look down in wonder At a … Continue reading "Keeping Score, Part 1"


what is your truth? what have you seen when no one else was there to see? is there a lonely spot of road that's made from you or maybe me? you knew one in the wintertime when walls were painted with despair and no place that you went preferred to anywhere or everywhere what is … Continue reading "Token"

One Day Soon

One day soon, you’ll see the sun, And it will not be leaving; One day soon, you’ll find some time For something else than grieving. One day soon, a fondest hope Will be within achieving — Yes, one day soon, you’ll find it, love, If you can keep Believing