The Fading Path Back Home

If wishes could our dreams make true, I’d walk the fading path back home And see the very best of you Beside a sunset polychrome But years come in, and like the tide They bear away our wishes late, To leave an emptiness inside That is our burden and our fate For much that was, … Continue reading "The Fading Path Back Home"

I’m Really Glad You’re Happy

I’m really glad you’re happy I’ve worried about you I know we’re very different The things we’ve each been through For trouble’s lined your pathway With much that was not good; And decisions that you’ve made I never really understood But I have always loved you That’s unlikely to cease; I’m really glad you’re happy … Continue reading "I’m Really Glad You’re Happy"

If I Like Sky

If I like sky could truer be I’d make for you a canopy Of wonder in the feathered day And stars to shine at night For what is this regard that calls Us over time and out past walls But nature, and its urge to grow And move into the light? If I like sky … Continue reading "If I Like Sky"

There’s no one knows but you…

There’s no one knows but you The guy I really am; There’s no one seen the truth That lies behind the sham Except for you, and still you’re here, And seem to be okay — There’s no one knows but you, and you Still love me anyway

when love is light and past the door

when love is light and past the door we live the life that no one sees when breaths are taken in for time and focus aims to slowly please   there is so much reality that’s nowhere on the internet there’s so much more to human life than art has ever shown us yet

… how close the far away

Across the room a wooden table Yellow tea lights flicker The night is gathering her dress To go amid the stars And we in silence find abundance Through the skylight glowing As shadows dance across the bed And every sound is ours For we are physical and mental Full emotions churning And yet are centered … Continue reading "… how close the far away"