How to Translate Breakup Language

My son’s girlfriend
Broke up with him;
They are no longer

He asked why she
Had done this thing.
I offered some

“I’ll always love you” means
“I do not love you” –

“We will be friends” means
“Please, please do not call” —

“I need some space” means
“Get the hell away from me” –

“I care for you” means
“I don’t care at all” —

“If it is meant to be” means
“It is not” –

“I need to find myself” means
“Go away” —

“There’s no one else” means that
“Solitude is better
Than hanging out with you
For one more day” …

He said
“They say these things
To spare our feelings?”

I said
“They sort of do.
But you must know
To stay together is
What needs its reasons,
No one needs reasons
If they want
To go…”

He said he missed her,
Thought about her often;
She’d told him he’d be fine,
To just believe –

“It’s funny how
The one the does the killing
Thinks she can say
Just how long you
Should grieve”

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2 Thoughts to “How to Translate Breakup Language

  1. It’s not always like that, some times one means what they say. If it was just killing that she intended, maybe she would have rather liked it rash in straight words. Its beautifully written though, maybe if I wouldn’t have identified myself to her, (I’m sorry, I know it wasn’t meant for me to)I would have loved it, haha.

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