Sing a Song of Summertime

Sing a song of summertime,
Do it while the day’s still young –
Run down to the riverside,
Celebrate with eyes and tongue

  Read the meaning on the wind,
  Catch the spirit in the day:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Just get up, and break away.

Joy is found where simple is,
Love is made of word and deed;
Hope keeps walking in the dark,
Friendship comforts those in need

  Catch the time-bird as it flies,
  Read the branches as they sway:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Throw monotony away.

Does the summer owe you joy?
Are your passions sharp and swift?
Do you work when all you need
Is available as gift?

  Read your favorite books again,
  Catch the words, it’s child’s play:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Break your bonds, and break

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6 Thoughts to “Sing a Song of Summertime

  1. -beautiful and perfect for today. I’d like to re-blog it if I may. Our family has a saying that summer ends on the 4th of July. Or more precisely, if you haven’t done it by the 4th it’s not going to happen till next year. They need your poem.

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