Run Free

And so my friend
Run free today
Beside the shore
Along the way

Run to the things
You want to see
Unbridled go
And just run free

The steps you run
Will be your own
Your destiny
Has not been shown

Except that it
Is coming due:
Run free, my friend
It’s up
To you

Near Night

Waves caress the yielding sands
Like two together, holding hands

The sea receives the sun’s last kiss
As gulls cry of forgotten bliss

The tumult that was lately felt
Has faded with the dying day

As night approaches, with its gift
A belle chanson de liberté

(“Near Night” – 10/12/2014)

Turning Heads, Twisting Hearts

And there she is, on purple roller skates;
Her purple elbow pads and matching socks –
Original, no fear of duplicates,
With longer lines than any ballot box

She’s skating by, and boys are hypnotized;
By further motions they all long to see –
She laughs, but she can also recognize
The signs that mark each future devotee

For she has no illusions on that score;
She knows they’ll come with promises and lies –
And mocks their paltry games and scheming poor,
To window shop for those she classifies

As a nice pup to pick up for a time
Then place back in its cage if it should whine

Sing a Song of Summertime

Sing a song of summertime,
Do it while the day’s still young –
Run down to the riverside,
Celebrate with eyes and tongue

  Read the meaning on the wind,
  Catch the spirit in the day:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Just get up, and break away.

Joy is found where simple is,
Love is made of word and deed;
Hope keeps walking in the dark,
Friendship comforts those in need

  Catch the time-bird as it flies,
  Read the branches as they sway:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Throw monotony away.

Does the summer owe you joy?
Are your passions sharp and swift?
Do you work when all you need
Is available as gift?

  Read your favorite books again,
  Catch the words, it’s child’s play:
  Sing a song of summertime,
  Break your bonds, and break

The Old Days Cannot Hold You

The old days cannot hold you anymore.
Walls once thought so forbidding disappear;
Within the old life’s empty, cracked veneer
Now freedom beckons through the waiting door

If you keep your eyes open, you will know:
This place has never meant security.
There’s more to you than simple pliancy;
Just take a breath
And make your choice
And go

Out on the Water

She soaks up stress from all around,
A type of psychic blotter —
Then yearns for freedom and release:
To sail out on the water.

With wind and cirrus as her friends,
To be the ocean’s daughter:
And know the innocence of truth
She finds out on the water.

For all that’s gone away in life –
For losses have been mounting –
To be where there are no demands
And nothing that needs counting —

The call she answers from her soul
She’s been too long dismissing:
To be out on the water and
To find what she’s
Been missing

Picture credit : © Zzorik | – Watercolor landscape – island, sky with clouds and white sail.