Near Night

Waves caress the yielding sands Like two together, holding hands The sea receives the sun’s last kiss As gulls cry of forgotten bliss The tumult that was lately felt Has faded with the dying day As night approaches, with its gift A belle chanson de liberté (“Near Night” – 10/12/2014)

{ decorated }

she’s decorated, certainly, but not for you, and not for you; whatever be your appetite, has no effect on what she’ll do o, how the eyes betray the soul, and leave us lone, and bitter — she’s decorated, certainly, but you can’t touch the glitter

The Hidden Cost of Our Choices

There’s an economy of our desires Where we want more than we can ever get And day-to-day, as circumstance transpires We long to do the things we haven’t yet Some choices other things from us preclude While more than one desire within us dwells This is a fact not to be misconstrued By what we choose, we … Continue reading "The Hidden Cost of Our Choices"

Called Away

In freedom’s time, he traveled on his own, And found himself in lands, and under skies So large, to fill them he knew he had grown — The food that serves to feed and appetize, The truth you were not taught, but realize. In days of silence, so much not to say: The talker walks, … Continue reading "Called Away"

{ Swim the Galaxy }

Tell me who I am, and I’ll tell you About the kind of world you long to see: A wonderland beyond expectancy, Where what is good, and beautiful, and true     Can find a home, or sit beneath the stars     Like fireflies turned loose at last from jars. Tell me what you’ve … Continue reading "{ Swim the Galaxy }"

Run Free

And so my friend Run free today Beside the shore Along the way Run to the things You want to see Unbridled go And just run free The steps you run Will be your own Your destiny Has not been shown Except that it Is coming due: Run free, my friend It’s up To you

A Child Drawing

There’s no one more alive, absorbed – At least, that’s known to me – As when a child is drawing; Pure creativity Their line and color choices Are not convention’s slave: They draw because they want to And don’t have to behave