10 thoughts on “A Child Drawing

  1. This reminds me of pre-school. We used pages from coloring books, and we’d always receive a smiley sticker for a job well done. I noticed some of the younger children were coloring outside the lines and still getting smiley faces. I decided I’d color outside the lines too. I got a damn frowney face. Broke my little heart. 😛

    1. Aw! Poor childhood you! Here:


      This is for adult you, because I suspect you will always be encouraging of a child’s creative choices, and that is beautiful.

  2. Their line and color choices
    Are not convention’s slave:
    They draw because they want to
    And don’t have to behave.
    And mine were always compared.. till date compared.

    1. My mother was a Special Ed teacher, so thank you not only for your kind words but for what you did to make the world a better place. Teaching is a special calling.

  3. None so more true than the the trustful honesty of a child who’s mind can only relate truth, very heartwarming thoughts here.

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